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  1. Cue up Green’s excuses: thought we made some good plays out deer…dem a good team ova deer…we played the right way…
  2. Sad that we have no new PP schemes. That quick pass into the slot for a one timer is old and predictable. Need to do better.
  3. At least Demko is ready to play. O zone dump in doesnt work if you cant retrieve the puck and D zone coverage is too much scramble and chase.
  4. Green will need to dust off his famous list of excuses “‘dem a good team ova deer” and “I daut we played da right way”
  5. Different players but same D zone scrambling and slow. Good thing for the Nucks that Demko is a baller.
  6. Maker is significantly better at D at this point so that’s got to account for a sizable discount on Quinn’s contract otherwise Benning is overpaying.
  7. Woah…did that hit a spot? Or you got something against bananas or weed…both are legal. If you can dish it then learn to take it or else ignore it and shut up.
  8. Cause there aint nutting else to do in vancity but smoke weed and complain about hockey…wait til OEL turns into an expensive decomposing banana…there’ll be a whole lot more sht n bich to go around
  9. Can we just shut down this Swedes can only relate to other Swedes nonsense. I’m sure they have other friends from non-Scandinavian countries and can get motivated by non-Ikea related things
  10. It would have been a whole lit cheaper to drive Petey to Ikea before and after every game if he needed to feel at home. These are grown ass men who get millions to play a game…how much more pampering do we think they need. Petey never said he needed a Swedish buddy, he just need decent players to work with. Lets hope the cap goes way up cause that $7m+ cap hit will feel like groundhog day in the not too distant future.
  11. So we basically paid Arizona a first rounder, a 2nd and a 7th to take 3 expiring contracts off our hands and we get back in return 1 very bad long term contract and a RFA who wants more $$$?? What the hell is Benning smoking?
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