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  1. Here we go again? Last couple of min in the game. Got a penalty. 6 on 4 and then they scored. Then 6 on 5 tying the game?
  2. Our players on paper much much better (claimed Benning) than their performance on ice. Very lackluster. Conspiracy theory : players want Green & co. to go so played badly intentionally???
  3. And our PK sucks…. Plays passively. Other teams can easily gain our zone during their PP…. with such PK we need a very superb Demko but seems like he is just average these couple of games… here we go. PK again….
  4. Omg only one shot on goal in the PP? With new special team coach and new players the way they play the PP same as last season? System and head coach probably the issue….
  5. Yep, losing consecutive games to the 2 worst team in the league, and 5-2 to a Buffalo team!!?? What kind of excuses do you have tonight Green?
  6. If we are going to play like this every night, season can only be saved by a Bubble Demko. But Demko is just average since the start of the season…
  7. Pretty much dominated by this Buffalo team since 2nd period?! And always the same issue since last season 1) terrible defense 2) we can’t score goals. What have JB and Green improved ?
  8. Wow down 2 to a Buffalo team where everyone consider the worst team in the league? Are we officially the worst team in the nhl now?
  9. Yep that has happened a number of times this young season already. That’s why I asked why our special team still sucks even with a new special team coach
  10. I thought we have a new special team coach but how come our PP and PK still sucks?
  11. Still think that Demko has not been fully recovered from COVID. He is not ready. One can see from the 2 goals he has conceded. But most of our players are not 100% healthy anyways. prediction: oilers will come back and win as our players will be tired in remaining periods....
  12. As mentioned, a few more goals by oilers in the 3rd. Will be a blowout loss, sorry. but what can you expect from a team heavily hit by COVID?
  13. Can’t even make an easy pass out of the zone? Turning over the puck on every pass? Base on the storyline of the previous couple of games, oilers are going to score a few more in the 3rd....
  14. We always give up goals early 2 nd period. Giving up power plays. This means players not focused and lazy....
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