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  1. Yes cause Benning has had so many slam dunks when it comes to contracts.
  2. Why don’t we just have 2 goalies on the ice? If you think a shot suppresser is the key, let’s just play 2 goalies.
  3. I don’t agree, you need to keep possession of the puck. Ours team has flaws that go further than a guy in the bottom 6.
  4. Just because my opinion is different than yours doesn’t mean you’re any better than I am. We are both fans of the same team and we both have a different opinion. You don’t see me belittling anyone do you? All I have done is argued my point but everyone here acts like I’m doing harm to them or something. You people need to relax. I personally don’t think he is worth a 3rd round pick, get over it.
  5. Oh look, no thread is complete without Dazzle’s paper bags and blaming Gillis for stuff he did when half these posters were wearing diapers.
  6. You know what I did not realize he wasn’t under contract. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
  7. What will prevent us from giving up the most shots in the league is having more than 2 lines that can maintain offensive possession. You can’t address that with sacrificing picks you can only address that by drafting puck possession players. another issue we have is we have no brand or identity. It’s like, what are we? A back and forth heavy team with speed? A puck possession team that cycles the puck? We don’t seem to stick with a style of player. Back in the 90’s there were players that played like Detroit redwings, or NJ Devils. Today you got Barry Trotz making a brand wherever he
  8. We are not good. We need to be in the position where when our RFA’s get to the big contracts we have the option of keeping them, or letting them go and backfilling the hole with our prospect pool. Spending 3rds on players under contract for a season isn’t going to get us there.
  9. If we don’t address the pool this will be a constant cycle of giving up the future for now. We see it all the time. Especially with Canadian franchises cause of the pressure they have to win. I honestly think it’s a contributing factor to why a Canadian franchise hasn’t won since 93. We are too quick to jump out of the basement and we never end up with a mountain of prospects and futures. We are always trying to fill the holes on the fly.
  10. A useful piece for what? Getting knocked out of the first round?
  11. Who knows? With JB’s drafting record, we could get Seth Jones. We are focusing on fixing something that can’t be addressed with our cap space. This organization needs to focus on replenishing our prospect pool so we have these guys to graduate when our time comes. We are trading away picks and prospects for quick fixes the last few seasons and it’s starting to reflect on our pool. Look at Hoglander and Rathbone. We are giving chances away for more players like this down the road when we are actually on the verge of contention. Jim is too good at drafting to be throwing picks around for immedia
  12. Does this look like Texas? Cause that’s where I am and have no other games to watch when I’m at work but the Dallas Stars. Trust me when I tell you I’ve watched this guy a lot.
  13. This is a perfect example of the over hype I’m talking about. He is barely a centre man. He is under contract for 1 year. I don’t understand how everyone just dismissed that detail. I don’t even care that much it’s just this overhype is nauseous. Seriously everyone, this isn’t “The 3rd line C” we’ve been looking for. We need a 3C that can take the defensive zone draws away from Horvat.
  14. I’ve watched this player more than anyone running after me with pitchforks. I got banned when we signed Ferland because I was the only one disgusted that we signed a guy with an eggshell surrounding his brain. got absolutely bombed, just like this. sometimes CDC is a little unrealistically positive. Believe it or not, opinions against the consensus are valid sometimes.
  15. I’m getting hung here cause I don’t like giving up a 3rd for a 0.3ppg centre who can’t win face offs and only has one year left on his contract. It’s cool to be passionate about everything Jim Benning does but I have feelings.
  16. Like I said before, he is ok I guess but definitely nothing to be pumped up about and too little for a 3rd. Jim is good at drafting so that 3rd could end up being useful player when our real window opens and the new GM is making things happen to put us over the top. We spent a 3rd on a very 1 dimensional player under contract for a season. Why are you so excited?
  17. I can go way lower bro. Lol but seriously there is too much optimism over this 1 dimensional Ryan Johnson. He really isn’t that good lol.
  18. Yes, I mean, I overshoot my pessimism for my own entertainment but ultimately I’d love to be wrong. Like I was saying before, I saw a lot of this guy on the local TV and have even watched him play live. There isn’t a-lot to talk about here. Is he a warrior? Absolutely, but how useful is a warrior to an army when he doesn’t know how to kill people.
  19. The problem I have is I base my opinion on what I see. CDC bases their opinion on what they hope. You are making it sound like this guy can win face offs or something. He also doesn’t even play like a centre. The only reason he is in there is because he doesn’t give up the middle of the ice. Good defensively but has no idea what to do with the puck. this isn’t football guys, you can’t just play defence and you can’t just play offence. He is a 1 dimensional player that will do nothing for offensive chemistry in the bottom 6. This guy isn’t worth a 3rd. With JB’s drafting rec
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