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  1. Amazing pressure by Canucks, such an offensive minded team, as a fan very exciting to watch win or lose
  2. Why is Demko playing so much better? No one knew he would excel this well, Canucks brought Holtby in but Demko against all odds doing so well
  3. How did Demko magically transform into a super goalie letting in 1 goal a game when he started with 4.00 GAA? Makes no sense a goalie can elevate them selves from no where.
  4. Honest question, if was a different era why didn't others score a bunch also?
  5. Canucks lead and will continue to lead the NHL in goals you think? Just such an exciting all offensive type team in Vancoucer
  6. The thing is if you played or watch hockey that move is really hard to do.. you basically need a lot of power to push diagonally while looking up at the net..fearless almost dumb fearless you are risking injury and crashing into the net - again looks amazing from a fan perspective but for a professional athlete prob not worth the injury
  7. Its actually better to be small and strong than big and strong.. smaller makes you more agile and quicker while maintaining that upper and lower body strength
  8. Hog is getting better and better every game.. incredible dude plays like a power forward at 5"9
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