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  1. I just honestly don’t think he was ever that much of a sleeper. Seems every NHL team had him on their radar.
  2. I really like the fact he’s big with high end skill and has a really good net presence. VAN needs more muscle in front of the net.
  3. I wonder if TOR was looking at Koskenvuo. They took a G finally a round later and there was a little run on goalies from VAN’s pick to Toronto’s at 153. Looks like teams knew TOR was looking for a G there. I like it.
  4. Agreed. I’m just not seeing this as a loss. 9 wasn’t netting them anything in this draft specifically that would offset the need to fix the cap and get more top tier D help. Add Garland, and I’m even less concerned. I don’t like losing that 2nd though but it is what it is. For some reason I don’t think Benning is done either....
  5. How sweet would that be if he comes in and just lights it up.... I think they do need to find a way to trade Jake. He doesn’t fit this team when they play like this.
  6. He’s going to be fine. I think it’s just all the Virtanen stink coming off on him.
  7. Remember. This is just one game. Paybacks a bitch and it will come. VAN needed to make a statement and get off the ice.
  8. This game reminds me of last year in the playoffs. That’s the Canucks we all know. Hustle. Grit. Fight.
  9. 4th pick right now, folks. Might as well go for broke at this point. At least get ahead of SEA.
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