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  1. Weird to put an unproven rookie over a 10 year vet on PP though no?
  2. People keep praising Rathbone, I didn't catch too many games recently but what about him is so good? Is he a mid tier defenceman like Bieksa? Or is he more like Tanev a defensive dude or like Hugh's more offence?
  3. He was a little too excited calling that goal lol not a national broadcast
  4. Yah I mean why not give credit where its due. We aren't lying just saying what we see how can he be so far ahead of everyone else? What the hek does he do different like whaastwhaas
  5. Mcdavid what an absolute beast...its like a fps game and dudes kpd is way higher than others.. how can you stop this guy so fast so agile wow
  6. Mcdavid just pokes pucks forward non stop this dude is so damn fast like what the hell Are you kidding me how do you stop this animal
  7. Absolutely agree. He is a 70+ points guy, a steal of a deal contract wise and more importantly an outspoken tough leader.... who cares about his mistakes are you kidding me, thats low level stuff compared to who he is to the team prob their most valued asset after Ep/QH.
  8. Owner is competent tho, its very very difficult to make a billion dollars and he did it
  9. A dude who hasn't played a month just scored? What the hek is going on with this team, how are fans still holding on faith wow
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