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  1. The thing is a team can pull together over 20 games and just play all in defence and win the cup, that doesn't make them "the best". Its much harder to do it consistently and over a 82 game schedule. MONTREAL is easily the weakest team of the final 8 yet somehow they managed to win, does that make them lucky? Yes, good? No, it shows that scrub teams can work really hard over a course of a few weeks to grind the truly elite teams down. No respect from me to Montreal, and in case you wondering neither do 90% of the true hockey analyst, experts and commentators give Montreal any respect. Go figure why that is, think about it don't take it from me take it from the experts making 200k a year, I'd listen to them over a casual fan, you should too.
  2. This is an opinion thread, please don't break forum rules or bash OP if you happen to disagree** 2021 SCP has shown on full display that teams who may do well under the playoff type games may not be great regular season teams, and that needs to be addressed. Organizations, fans and players make the most of their hockey time during the 82 games and 6 months of hockey during the regular season. All the true battles, the point records, the endless games and drama happens during this time. The teams are ranked during the season based on their composition, roaster, type of game style and performance. Winning unlike most people want you to believe isn't everything. Many people would agree that win or lose as long as their team plays an entertaining style of hockey thats what matters. Losing 6 to 7 but watching your team score 6 goals is incredible. Getting your money worth at a game isn't about winning its about the game style, the players and the attitude. Playoffs is a mind set that tricks people into thinking winning is all that matters, and many teams play a horrible boring defensive, unsatisfying brand of hockey (New Jersey 90s, Dallas etc) overacheiving medicore teams doing well in a limited 20 game playoff spam. Enter Montreal 2021, a scub team no one selected who is a true expert or analyst in NHL. You know why? Because it's not a good team, at one point even Canucks were thinking of catching them. Just because Montreal has managed to pull wins in a playoff bubble, playing endless defence and grinding teams down doesn't make them a good team. I am sorry, Playoffs need to have its own bracket because regular season is where teams truly shine where players get paid and where most of the money is made. Its crazy to see how many people are buying into the SCP as a decisive factor for determining what team is good and what isn't.
  3. Not Toronto, but all the other teams like Winnipeg who has an amazing team and Vegas, top class.. they are feared and respected.. Montreal just made the playoffs finally and suddenly people treating them like A caliber team, guys they aren't. Come on am I the only one who can see through this fluke? Wow.
  4. The way I can best describe Montreal is the "ugly chick that got a pity date" out of bachelor. Say 2 girls are vying for a date with a handsome millionaire, blonde hottie or a nerdy average brunette. The dude picks the average chick, great for her. My point is that the fact he selects the uglier one doesn't make the hot girl any worse, in fact she stays hot and everyone admires her. Make sense?
  5. Look i am not defending Toronto, but open your eyes and look at the hockey analytics, at the experts at the panels and general media. Everyone said Montreal is a dog, even the general public bet against them. This means the team doesn't have that sex appeal that charm and that magic to make them a standout. Its a shame how far Montreal got but it still doesn't change the fact no one respects them or admires them, they are not as a good team as others along the way please acknowledge that.
  6. I don't agree. I rather have 6 months of entertaining hockey and highlight goals and having 90% of the hockey world praise my team than having 5 weeks of scrubs defence grind just so you can say you won the cup.. Winning the cup doesn't make you better team, again everyone knows Vegas, Jets and Toronto are better than Montreal. That's why Stanley cup doesn't prove much, just take a look at this year as proof.
  7. This year just shows you that NHL playoffs don't mean as much as other sports.. You got to be kidding your self if you think Montreal is better than Toronto. Or the fact they won more than 2 games against Vegas.. Vegas would absolutely crush them any year in regular season.. for whatever reason these teams are throwing games for Montreal. Everyone and their mom bet against Montreal every round, why? Ask your self is it because everyone is dumb, or is it because Montreal is the worser team.
  8. To be fair everyone discounted Montreal and almost everyone knew Montreal would be laughed out of the series.. it was almost a sure bet.. Its unreal how Leafs collapsed, honestly no one saw this coming if you actually pay attention to the experts of the game, the media, the people who live and breath hockey they all said Leafs are a sure bet to go deep Everyone is shocked.
  9. Yah but that was past seasons, you have to ignorant and a completely miscalculated fan to think Leafs would collapse yet again this year. Everyone and their mom bet huge money on them to make it far, this time this is unreal no one saw this coming g don't even pretend to think you knew they would choke. Come on now.
  10. Thing is Leafs are far and above all else.. we got the swager, we got the laughs, we got the elite talent, we got the media behind us. Its almost unfathomable that despite all the cockyness, all Austin's winks and smirks and all the predictions saying Leafs got this all amount to 0... to nothing a joke in the end.. Its one thing to lose in first round as a so so team but we area powerhouse, a dynasty, its another to be pushed out by the weakest team in Canada and be eliminated after being up 3-2, its as bad as losing in game 7 of SCF.
  11. The amount of sheer guilt, horror, disgust is unfathomable.. Leaf fans belittled, laughed at and critiqued all other teams.. Leaf fans boasted, we loaded up on talent, we have a 30 million dollar front line we are God's... gods.. how can this could have happened? A monumental collapse, a unthinkable ending to a season that was due for a huge run... I know people secretly hoped Leafs would flush out in the first round but they were joking , no one actually thought Leafs would lose, no one. Unreal just what the hell, like are you kidding me right now, wake up Canuck fans please help a Leaf fan out.
  12. wtf.. are you kidding me.. you have no idea no idea what it is like to be a Leaf fan today watching this game
  13. I think as a collective community we are being a bit cruel to the Oilers don't you think? The only thing worse than making the playoffs and sacrificing a chance for a high pick is getting swept in the playoffs immediately in the first round... especially with the best top 2 forwards in their prime being wasted. Its a daunting and really sad situation, why poke fun when you can tell the city of Edmonton and the organization are truly, legitimately hurting.
  14. Weird to put an unproven rookie over a 10 year vet on PP though no?
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