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  1. Gadovich he went looking for Calgary dman after a cheap shot on Hughes and he was all go! What a difference from a washed up Rouselle who is all bark and little go now. And as much as I had been lookin forward to Zack Mackewan in the lineup most of the season and was hoping Green would start him more when injuries were not so prevalent ,this kid has much more upside. He has shown a real goal scoring talent in Utica with 15 goals in less games but he is tough and willing to initiate and we need this type of player to be a regular in the lineup. Lets do something right nuck management and keep him off the exposure draft wire to the Seattle Kracken pls
  2. typo meant to say clones in similarity to Beagle and Highmore no offensive upside but penalty kill /faceoff 4th line type
  3. Newell Browns special teams are anything but, while clearly a healthy Elias would improve the pp,it was struggling with him dating back to last yr when the score was 0 to 0 against the Golden Knights when Reeves took a cheap shot on Mott and we couldn't score 5on 3 and they went on to score 1st late. Bo can not seem to win the draw enough and we lose possesion and down the ice immideatly it goes along with 20seconds and its dis jointing. They should try Miller to take the draw and put Nils on 1st unit instead of Tanner for more speed and creativity. And this Rathbone lid looks like he may be another Hughes a dandy . But come Seattle time to pick hope they do not take Myers think he has been pretty good and consistent this yr, but Schmidt I can see why Vegas let him go ,he is not that good. Graovic looks like he deserves a shot next yr with goals in back to back games would be an upgrade in 4th line to Roussel and Beagle,lol always got to throw down on that Props to the effort tonight the boys worked hard but clearly Mikaelis does not have anything to offer and they can not go with Highmore and Beagle next yr they are clowns
  4. Tyler wasnt traded he left as an unrestricted free agent, if you want to rebutt get your facts on
  5. because Benning and Green let it out during the covid stoppage he was the 1st guy to be into covid quarantine. And maybe was the scapegoat as to majority of team getting sick? Why else do you take Matthew Highmore in return who has zero goals in 30 games this yr? But lets add this list Beagle/Rouselle/Vessy/Micalief/Boyd/Highmore/Sutter/Hawrluk as wonderul failed Benning additions whose combined goal total doesnt equate 1/3rd likely that of Tyler Toffoli whom he refused to resign and likely main reason why the habs are going to the post season instead of us. And another key reason why the pp percentage stinks and why in the absence of Elias we really needed the scoring expoits of Toffoli But at least we get to take a look at Gadovich as he may turn out to be better used than Mackewan when Green has fairly healthy lineup. Just can not stand another season of Beagle and Anton Rouselle and revolving waiver wire guys named above if we are going to improve the bottom half of ineffective forward group next yr. Wish some deep pocket investor would come and buy Aqulini out,and clean house of Benning/Green
  6. as kid is red hot scoring 15goals in Utica and he is tough and drops the gloves. Cole Lind has shown promise and the playoff hunt is all but over now with habs winning 2 straight to go 14pts up. The goaltending has been excellent but again this team just can not score and Bennings cheap pick ups are useless Vessey/Boyd/ and Highmore could play 50 games and not score but still Green plays him minutes like he is a top forward,well guess given the injuries and now Virtanens situation there is no 1 else to put there I feel for Miller/Horvat/Myers/Edler 4 top end guys who give it there all every night but to no avail this season anyways And a better update on Elias would be nice Theres always next yr
  7. produce nothing. This team just can not score,the few top forwards tired/taxed and seems Elias is not going to be back to boost the offense Pretty sad when Green needs to play Matthew Highmore so much when he has not scored 1 goal this yr,Jimmy Vessy is a bust and Travis Boyd not enough playing time to tell yet The effort was there ,Holtby was great but this team just does not have enough quality forwards,thats on Benning Habs back up 10 pts,think this was the dagger losing to the sens
  8. Luongo was the main reason we didn't win the cup against Boston He melted down all 3 games in beantown, fact not fiction!
  9. He will go down as the greatest Canuck goalie. And I saw king Richard,and Captain Kirk,and a young Scneider and to me all 3 were better than Luongo who gave up too many soft goals during the playoff yrs But this kid Demko is freakin cool/calm/unfazed and he is a stone cold equalizer for a team thats hardpressed to get enough shots on goal and score
  10. Demko another stellar performance,he kept us in when Oilers outshot us in 1st period lg. With him this team isnt that far off from been much better. Need secondary scoring and more team toughness,again we won and did it without Roussel and Beagle. 1 guy takes bad penalties and intimidates nobody,the other doesnt get the puck out of our zone on the pk nearly enough and both offer nil offensively Zack should be dressing everynight esp when we play the flames/jets/and yes senators they are a chippy but tough team. Hope Pettie and Mott come back soon and Green gets it thru his predictable stubborn head getting outshot everynight is not a remedy to success neither is dressing Mikaelis/Roussel/Beagle and Tanner is not producing nearly enough for his top6 iceteam Still they got 2 points in regulation without 2 top forwards,well done esp Demko!
  11. Heard Roussel and Beagle may not be in lineup,hurray! At least dress Zack and see a young tough physical presence in the lineup who should be there on a nightly basis if Green deployed properly Demko is the best player in the franchise now,main reason we have won any games at all lately
  12. Green refuses to use a timeout when we got blitzed and Demko stood on his head to keep it 1-0 in 1st Green's player deployment is absolutely horrible, Mikaelis and Hawrluk are not nhl ready, Beagle and Roussel are past their better days and 4/12 forward spots wasted by these 4 guys with zero offensive upside and zero physical factors We got some gems in Miller/Demko/Pettie/Boeser/Hughes/Horvat/Myers/Edler but the bottom side of the roster horrible Look am a bigtime fan but Benning left the bottom 6 with not much depth,Pearson offers little, bring up Cole Lind lets see what he can do, and hopefully Green doesnt get signed beyond this yr his team is soft and his deployment terrible, he needs to go asap
  13. Sure hope Green isnt dressing midget Marc Mikealis again he has shown nothing to date, dress Zack instead
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