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  1. Habs D is looking thin on the ground without Petry. Chiarot and Weber playing huge minutes, but the others are making a lot of mistakes. The whole team looked sluggish in the second period, and being on the PK doesn't help. If they can't find another gear in the third they're toast.
  2. Looks like the Jets are in need of a rebuild too. Ehlers - Pathetic Dubois - Useless Wheeler - Invisible Connor - missing in action the list goes on........
  3. How are the Jets still in this? I haven't seen a team so badly outshot since we played Vegas last year. It's only Halibut keeping them in the game.
  4. Could it be that Baumer's got himself a part-time job with the Jets as their defensive coach? They seem to be playing similar tactics to ours.
  5. Well that was a playoff game with a very low excitement level. The Jets did very little until the last 4 minutes, but by that time Price was seeing the puck like it was a beach ball. Unless Dubois can produce something special in the next two games it looks like Tortorella was right to dump him.
  6. The Thrashers seem short of ideas, it's almost too easy for the Habs D. 2 or 3 touches and the puck is straight out of the zone. If it carries on like this in the third Montreal will be happy to win it 1-0
  7. Wow, Varlarmov is the first star of this game by a country mile. Stopped so many of the Bruins grade A chances. Now his team could sneak it in OT. In my fantasy ending I see Matt Martin hitting Brad Marchand who smashes the glass with his face and is awarded a game misconduct for wilful damage to the arena. Tukka Rask then accidentally turns the puck into his own net.
  8. Scheifele went looking for that hit regardless of the fact that the puck was in the net. I don't know what is worse: seeing that cheap shot on a defenseless player or listening to the Winniipeg commentators trying to justify it. We'll see what the NHL make of it, but if it was up to me he wouldn't play again this season.
  9. I presume the ridiculous start time is so that they can put this season behind them as soon as possible.
  10. I don't think the Oilers are going to risk Koskinen in any playoff games.
  11. Eventually the NHL will introduce a game misconduct penalty for anyone daring to touch McDavid.
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