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  1. Why? Only because Eichel and Dahlin are at an all time low when it comes to their value while Petterson and Hughes are high (not all time high). Plus, I believe Eichel and Dahlin to be superior players on a bad team with bad management and leadership group
  2. Lol you idiots think Virtanen is a 2nd player now. I still see the same problems in hockey IQ the day he was drafted. The only change I have noticed recently is his effort because he is on the trade block which is good cause even if Virtanen scores 30 goals this season, trade him because it will be an outlier year. You always want to sell high and buy low like stonks.
  3. There is no easy fix. We have to wait the 2 years for those bad contracts to leave before we can contend. In the meantime, GM Jim should either be fired or banned from signing free agents.
  4. Love how you people forget the last 10 games after just 1 win. Pathetic
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