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  1. Great job hosting, G13. Thanks !! Looking forward to next season already....
  2. Yep, I like Myers too. He's been villainized by some on SM, but he plays a tall game. Keep the giraffe; he's solid. Love Edler too but barring a reduction in salary/TOI maybe it's time to say thank you for everything. BTW: love the win tonight/this afternoon. Wins at this stage mean more than draft position. Self esteem, pride and hope for the future cannot be objectively measured but are critical to a team moving forward.
  3. 3-2 Nucks Edler Yes..... Loving the retro pics! Need the team to grow a 'stache and show some Harold truculence.
  4. Canucks 4-3 Hogs Calgary Phlegms Love the old pic - Harold rocking the 'stache!
  5. 5-1 Edmonton McD Just voted against the Nucks. I feel dirty.
  6. Against all that I am as a rabid Canucks fan: Oilers 6-1 McJesus GWG Hope the team has enough energy post COVID. Just make it through the game without any stretchers....GCG!
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