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  1. Gretzky junior so not as good as Gretzky but in the same mould. Yes I thought he could be a phenom. Probably not gonna happen for the reasons I outlined. And out.
  2. I am a fan of the team not the players. I'd toss every one of them in the dust bin if it meant winning. For you this is probably more like a social club, and that's great, but I'm into the competition aspect. I said three things. Juolevi was not a good pick, that's true. I thought Pete might be the greatest Canuck ever (admitting I was wrong) but that seems very unlikely now. I think Pod wont make the team What are you worried about? You got a crush on one of them? lmao To me they are puzzle pieces.
  3. Agree 100% with the Motte comparison. I don't think he skates as well so that's where my opinion comes from. I'm hoping for a young Motte.
  4. Thanks for the reasonable response. Yes maybe I will eat Pod crow, but I doubt it, that's why I am calling it. Not a good enough skater and not big enough. Smart with a good passing touch is what I see. Not enough for the NHL. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. I was one of the groaners when he picked 2016. Did anyone cheer? But he does good with later picks. Pod will be another dud I'm afraid. Shockingly and disappointingly Pete may end up being a dud as well. Frailty was always the concern. I thought Pete might be the greatest Canuck of all time, but most of this year he has not even been good. It was a great pick by JB. Without getting body slammed on his head by a journeyman dman, and receiving a flying reverse leg twister from Kookawhatever, I think he was heading to Gretzky junior territory. Unfortunately, no Semenko to help him alo
  6. Hoping to have have a GM who can sink the gimmees along with a a good game from a distance.
  7. Juolevi is a bit better than I thought he would be. I guess I agree with the team decision makers. Jeez I hope Tryamkin plays here so this can be settled.
  8. #1 Boeser #2 Hoglander That's the pleasant surprises for me. Juolevi is only playing because he' a top pick. Tryamkin is a top 2 Dman. Virtanen sucks because he's a top 6 who is expected to earn top six in the bottom 6. It will not happen. Similar to Kassian only moreso.
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