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  1. Green is definitely the problem here. Horvat scores and we need another goal so he throws his fourth “energy” line out that hasn’t scored a goal all season. Makes no sense. We need a goal not clock killing. Fire Green, get rid of Baumer, can King. New coaching team will deploy a system to benefit our forwards, change up the PP and have OEL on it, replace Miller with Garland. Maybe I should coach. It’s so obvious….
  2. Green has to go. Coaching is clearly the issue here. With the players we have, we should be much better. So tired of the dump and chase that Green coaches. Fire Green!!!
  3. Wow. Way overpaid. I literally LOL when I saw that contract for Nurse. $30 million in three players. What a joke.
  4. Horrible contract. Need guys like this to go via trade for picks and keep bringing in the young guys. Not sure what Benning was thinking. He needs to go.
  5. That wasn’t a penalty. Refs were horrible this game and I don’t usually complain about the refs. The high stick on Myers wasn’t called nor the blatant interference in OT. Just very one sided officiating.
  6. Pearson is particularly bad tonight. Missing his clears and passing to teammates in double coverage. Just brutal.
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