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  1. I agree it's cowardly but it's not something surprising around the club scene, especially in downtown Vancouver.
  2. How would they even know it's Bennings kid? Most people in this city don't even know what Benning looks like, let alone his kid. "Clubbing" is still macho-fueled garbage where people get in fist fights daily. Until the police say something otherwise I'm gonna say drunken words were slurred inside and then they got jumped.
  3. How many years of our pp sucking ass has it been, it started blending together for me.
  4. We didn't even get anything in return for the 6th overall pick. No one wanted the bum and he's never playing another game. The Canucks organization is only poorer for Virtanen and didn't gain anything comparable to the value of what they used to obtain him. The games given to Virtanen could have helped a different player give value to the Canucks, either by increasing their trade value through personal performance or possibly becoming a staple on the team, what he was supposed to be. To me that is a bust in every sense of the word. That kind of performance around anything would get you fired in most management positions in the world. But hockey is different, and Virtanen could just be a mistake of inexperience in the role.
  5. Come on dude. We got garbage play out of Virtanen for 4 years hoping he would get better, if he was on a successful playoff team he wouldn't have played more than a handful of games. Now he'll never be in the NHL again and is doing drugs and abusing women in Russia. What else do you call that but a huge bust for #6 overall?
  6. He's certainly not great at scouting and drafting. Trying to claim so is a joke, but he did draft Hughes (not exactly finding a Datsyuk but teams passed on him that are probably regretting it) and got him signed to a contract. That is enough to win a cup if Hughes stays. Overall his drafting is sub-par or average for the league, he's far better than Gillis who was terrible at it. Until we start seeing some of these later round picks actually convert into something useful it's hard to give him any props for picking highly rated players in the first round. I mean, it's better than picking Patrick White in the first round but I have yet to see anything amazing from this scouting team. Either way, 2 big busts in the first round isn't a great record but it's better than what we've had for a long time.
  7. You keep bringing up Japan, but you know everyone in Japan wears masks even walking around outside to the train from home or the office. The reason they're doing better overall has nothing to do with vaccinations, and from what I hear near every adult in Tokyo is nearing 2 shots. Flimsy premise for your argument. Wear a mask, get a vaccine. That's what Japan seems to be doing. We couldn't even get the mask part down and you are comparing the results.
  8. Nature doesn't "perform" evolution, this is a bad line of thinking that is used to push eugenics. Environments change and random genetic mutations will adapt to the changes with varying degrees of success. Getting a vaccine is a choice, not a gene. Japan not only is an Island but has the most socially responsible population in the world and it's not even close. The reason we aren't Japan is we will have people that go to work with covid when they're told not to go to work when sick, while in Japan a person will let their lights go out and not eat if they have to, to not spread the disease. Every single person wears a mask outside their house in cities, even outdoors. People starved to death during the state of emergency in Japan, and they've been more intense in their "lock downs" than ours. I honestly doubt there are many countries you could immigrate to and feel less authority from the government than Canada, especially with how the world has been shifting towards authoritarianism globally. I bet they'll regret it if they do. There is merit to what you are saying about divisive politics but bud, it's not any better anywhere else on the planet right now. At least in Canada, we're at a "you get chased off the internet" level of mob rule while other parts of the world will kill you for thinking the wrong things or praying to the wrong gods.
  9. This is ignoring the problem. A completely impartial 1 vote for 1 person system isn't what we have for the senate. A single person in Ontario has a substantially more powerful vote than a person in BC. Quebec has less than 2x the population of BC, and 4x the seats.
  10. The problems facing the indigenous populations in Canada are multi-faceted and will take a long time to solve even if the country is finally willing to change now that Canada isn't an old white man's nation. Abolishing the "Indian Act" isn't an acceptable solution and we need first nations lawmakers working in unison with all the provinces and the Canadian justice system to draft an agreeable piece of legislature that will support first nations communities adequately. Unfortunately humans aren't good at empathy when the people being effected are far away and out of sight. There is a deep rooted ignorance in Canadians about the current situation of our indigenous peoples. That they are treated well and should "get over it." This is a good way to remind every day people of the current reality people living and working in their country today face. Freezing to death, running out of water and a gross level of racism most other minorities wont face, mostly for trying to preserve their culture. Now kids will sit through presentations on why they don't have school tomorrow while growing up, this is huge in combating ignorance. I don't have any right to tell first nations people what to do, but I hope we can look past the politics of making a national holiday, and what a national holiday can do.
  11. There's no viable conservative federal party any more, you have the nutjobs and then the grifters so obviously the Liberals are going to win and win. Harper was bad enough, I never thought the cons would just go downhill from when he controlled the party but the right wing in Canada mirrors the right wing in the US culturally.
  12. Why don't we live in a utopia? I'm not sure. Single mothers can barely get the support they need now, I don't think it will be easy to get people to pay taxes to help women like this unfortunately. Also, at the end of the day, if a woman doesn't want to she shouldn't have to. Instead of, in the future, forcing the woman to give birth, if we as a society care enough we should invest in artificial incubators and be able to transfer the fetus. Birth isn't just being fat for a bit then popping out a baby. Every woman is different, but there are permanent changes that can happen and major changes in brain chemistry. For most women wanting an abortion, they'd have to go through it alone emotionally. Government paid therapists and groceries isn't a partner. No one should be forced to endure that.
  13. Giving birth isn't easy. That baby doesn't exist or live without the mother literally building it from near nothing in her body. Take the mother away from your "baby" and not even the worlds best scientists can make it develop into a real baby. There's always the chance of death, there's always the chance you become infertile and can't have a kid with a person you want to. The baby can die even if you do everything right. Then afterwards, where a pregnant woman would have a partner to care about her and emotionally support her, she'll be alone raising a baby with no help. Men cannot understand the strain and change that birth causes, wanting to force women to do it is the most deplorable part I ever see in these abortion arguments. Caring so much for a baby that can't be seen without a microscope in a lot of abortion cases while ignoring what you are putting the women through if you force her to carry it.
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