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  1. There's a campaign to fear monger over variants and the vaccines Canada use are "not working." The reality is it completely broke records and expectations in how well it fended off COVID-19. The numbers show if you test a lot in a vaccinated population, the disease can be quietly moving across the collective biomass but doing absolutely no damage to the people because their bodies are fighting it off well, and eventually the breakthrough case be it normal COVID or the variant will infect someone who isn't vaccinated and make them ill, or someone who is vaccinated but their health is compromise
  2. Canada has sane gun laws thankfully, we don't have to deal with that even if we have a few of those nuts up here.
  3. Well, we have wet markets in Canada, it's just a name. The problem with the ones in China are the abhorrent sanitary standards for keeping live animals.
  4. If it is from a wet market, this is what, the 4th major disease to come out of there in the last 20 years? Of course China will never shut them down, or they will for a few months until everyone forgets like last time.
  5. I assume this is a younger person who is the child of a complete moron. The problem in Canada is we have a society of tolerant and understanding people, under a certain age because of our multi ethnic population, but in rural areas not every young person is properly educated in history and wont meet a minority, so their parents bitching about whatever problem group rubs off on them and they act out in ways their parents wouldn't, because even dumb racist adults in Canada know to keep quiet and discreet about it. Similarly when I see people under a certain age supporting the Queen a
  6. mRNA vaccines are really, really good. They get your body to identify and build an immunity to a disease by giving them the blueprints to the virus. Even if variants aren't identical with their spike protein, there is enough similarity in them that the body does create a response and recognize the variants as foreign in fully vaccinated individuals. If we could get every human an mRNA vaccine and two doses COVID would be gone in a week. But that's not feasible right now even if everyone was willing. People think vaccines aren't as powerful as they really are because recently, they'
  7. I'm in a similar boat, I loved 2010 and the energy in the city, I'll remember running around downtown as a high school senior with my friends because we got 2 weeks off school watching the games with large groups outside until I die, but I can't support anything to do with the IOC anymore. The Canada line was a mess and everyone wanted a proper extension into the valley which we wont get this time around either, so what's the point? We will spend money on pointless replacements for the old infrastructure, lose taxpayer money which should be invested in public transit which is still terrible in
  8. I feel like finance and accounting needs to be taught to high school students, considering how obsessed the younger generation is with hating capitalism and insisting Nordic countries are socialist. It's such an attractive, easy solution to all the problems the west faces when you don't understand finance, I was the same way before my education.
  9. One thing here I hope makes a difference compared to HK is the outcry is internal, while HKers were always a separate culture from mainlanders. However the CCP does have unprecedented control over their population and information so nothing happening is the likely outcome.
  10. I agree, but Tiananmen 2.0 is something the CCP can't afford right now especially with camera phones, no downplaying what you do to young men and women in the modern day.
  11. I don't know how many of you speak Mandarin, but Chinese people are really, really mad at the government right now for the entire Zhengzhou tunnel situation. People trying to get to their missing family members arrested, tow truck driver who said at least 6300 dead arrested, no one notified about the flood until a few minutes before the tunnel was completely submerged, officials acting to protect themselves and no one doing anything to help the thousands stuck in a 2 mile long tunnel. People are realizing the only thing the government protects is themself and care little about the people. The
  12. Because Gillis did more in less time, a lot more. The team was it's best ever under Gillis while JB has had 7 years and more and more we're looking like Edmonton.
  13. The main difference is vaccines, understanding of the spread of the disease and modern medicine. You are delusional if you think it's anything else. Also, doctors aren't a good source. Family doctors can be poorly educated from abroad, and generally are because doctors with education from Canadian universities either move to the US to make bank or specialize most of the time. There are a lot of stupid RN's that are anti-vaccine. Treating people doesn't mean you understand the complexities of virology.
  14. At this point, anti-vaccine people are arguing for their own death. There are two ways forwards from this point in rich countries where there have been strong mRNA vaccine drives. Everyone gets vaccinated, or only 80% get the shot and the last 20% just die. I'm not being dramatic. The virus will cling on vaccinated people, losing against their immune system, and latch onto the unprotected ones and just destroy them because there is no resistance in the body. The problem is these anti-vaccine people want to protect their health by essentially signing their own death warrant, convinc
  15. This is some very brutal stuff, don't watch if you don't feel like being depressed. I hope the government isn't lying and all those people in the subway and stuck in their cars were saved.
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