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  1. Hey, just wanted everyone to know this. I first found out by walking in the park and seeing chalk markings with "road" and little construction flags so they know where to cut down all the trees. You can go see it plastered on the path of the park if you walk to its center from the west entrance. Seems like because of all the rest of the world going crazy, the council has tried to rush this through because it was completely denied by the public in 2007 when they tried it then. Bear Creek Park has only gotten more popular, family friendly and loved since. If you don't want to see it cut in half
  2. Gotta love mentally ill black people being called "racist" and used to label "anti-asian" "hate crimes" as a black people issue. This guy would have hurt someone regardless of Covid and China's aggressive policies because of the broken prison system. Not everything is a hate crime, sometimes it's just a regular crime. Anti-asian hate is on the rise, but it's still nothing compared to what blacks in the US face and to a lesser extent black people here. I'm technically Asian, but I'm brown so I'm not sure if I would count as "Asian" in the way its used for talking about these hate cr
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