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  1. There's no viable conservative federal party any more, you have the nutjobs and then the grifters so obviously the Liberals are going to win and win. Harper was bad enough, I never thought the cons would just go downhill from when he controlled the party but the right wing in Canada mirrors the right wing in the US culturally.
  2. Why don't we live in a utopia? I'm not sure. Single mothers can barely get the support they need now, I don't think it will be easy to get people to pay taxes to help women like this unfortunately. Also, at the end of the day, if a woman doesn't want to she shouldn't have to. Instead of, in the future, forcing the woman to give birth, if we as a society care enough we should invest in artificial incubators and be able to transfer the fetus. Birth isn't just being fat for a bit then popping out a baby. Every woman is different, but there are permanent changes that can happen and major changes in brain chemistry. For most women wanting an abortion, they'd have to go through it alone emotionally. Government paid therapists and groceries isn't a partner. No one should be forced to endure that.
  3. Giving birth isn't easy. That baby doesn't exist or live without the mother literally building it from near nothing in her body. Take the mother away from your "baby" and not even the worlds best scientists can make it develop into a real baby. There's always the chance of death, there's always the chance you become infertile and can't have a kid with a person you want to. The baby can die even if you do everything right. Then afterwards, where a pregnant woman would have a partner to care about her and emotionally support her, she'll be alone raising a baby with no help. Men cannot understand the strain and change that birth causes, wanting to force women to do it is the most deplorable part I ever see in these abortion arguments. Caring so much for a baby that can't be seen without a microscope in a lot of abortion cases while ignoring what you are putting the women through if you force her to carry it.
  4. The argument around abortion is completely emotional, because there is only one logical stance to have really.
  5. Ending a pregnancy is not killing a baby. Especially when it's done early. It is not certain that pregnancy would even result in a birth, or would result in a healthy birth for both mother and child at the point most pregnancies are terminated. Would you force an indigenous girl to give birth to a child, with all the news about how hospitals abuse them, how women of color have a lower chance of surviving childbirth? The child of a man who doesn't want any involvement and she'd either have to live with the guild of putting up her child for adoption or become a single mother? I think that would signal society is in a worse shape than as you say "killing babies."
  6. What's the value of 9 month's of a woman's life? These are pointless questions when we still very badly need a way to stop pregnancies on this planet.
  7. What about the life-changing effects of giving birth and the needed therapy or medical care afterwards, are the mothers on their own for that?
  8. I just wanted to point out abortion isn't a recent thing, although people being upset at abortion is. I mean, think about the catholic church's sexual abuses, abortion was common for nuns.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_abortion
  10. Giving birth isn't even close to 100% safe yet anyways, women still routinely give birth, go home and die a couple days later. If the pregnancy gets there. So many things have to change in the world for the "killing babies" argument to have any merit.
  11. A degree from Kwantlen with a 2.5 gpa and a degree from UBC with a 4.0 are worth about the same 2 years into working in your field. Good on anyone for getting a post secondary education, it generally just makes you a better person even if you don't use it for a career. But really, I don't think it has much to do with the current climate of Canadian politics and the fallout from this election.
  12. Im not from those places. I don't hate China. I just want them to join the modern world and engage in basic diplomacy.
  13. Their antagonizing is far above what could be considered geopolitical posturing. China became an integral part of the world economy, only to revert back to a nationalistic ethostate. We can't afford to continue the status quo with complete integration of China when they want the US out of Asia just so they can extort and invade whom they like. Chinese people don't get to get better lives at the cost of other Asian nations, which is what would happen if we just continue on like everything is fine and China is going to be "peaceful" forever. All that money we make with them going to amphibious assault crafts.
  14. They don't care about their foreign image any more, the cat is out of the bag so to speak. They probably thought it wasn't worth hard line negotiating with the US and just let them go because things aren't too hot in China right now.
  15. A dumb orange man did this and he wasn't even completely wrong in doing it, just jumped the gun because he wanted a win. The US did not force the CCP to arrest and torture Canadians. The US is our (and a lot of nation's, like Japan and Taiwan's) only real substantial ally on this planet and for obvious reasons will want a stable Canada with a strong economy for selfish reasons.
  16. The government feels they can easily have most of their population believe they were detained with just reasons and the weak, corrupt west demanded their spies to stop the hostage game with Meng. They're right too, since they control everything. I hope people who hate the US a lot take time to think about why they were releases so fast, the US obviously made it happen in their negotiation. No other reason for the CCP to let them go without extorting more.
  17. Not really, what is she a victim of, being on trial? The Micheals will never be the same and might not be able to live normal lives, she's a billionaire walking free. Don't get it twisted.
  18. We're going to win about 4-1 and when the players are back in Canada they'll reveal the police raids and calls they got so they don't embarrass the national team in front of Chinese people. I wish I was joking.
  19. Yeah no, North Korea isn't threatening anyone in any way. The country making the one place on Earth that understands what nuclear weapons can do militarize and build nukes isn't NK.
  20. War with China wont be nuclear despite what all the doomers want. China considers nuclear weapons "paper tigers" and they'll call out the Americans' threats and invade whomever they want. Why do you think Japan and South Korea want nukes now?
  21. Better to start WWIII then let China invade and exact "revenge" on Taiwan and then eventually Japan. I always wondered how history could repeat and many great thinkers said so, but when appeasement is the go to response to aggressive, anti-diplomatic policy from an authoritarian government gearing up for war, it really is just a farce.
  22. China will always "escalate" the situation themselves when they feel like it. Using gloves to coddle them does nothing but embolden their bullying.
  23. Better than the Sedins? Come on old man, I like Linden too but Linden wasn't the most prolific offensive force in the league for 2-3 years. People really like to overrate this dudes play because he's a star child in terms of community outreach and demeanor. The Sedins didn't have anyone near Bure's level on their team, the closest was Luongo in net who wont help your playoff PPG or the other twin if you count it, and a twin isn't Bure either. Linden would not have been close to a PPG without playing with Bure, look at what happened when he was traded, look at how his career completely nosedived after he couldn't play with Bure. Now, he could have certainly had a better career if the Canucks didn't trade him and actually invested in him, and I'm not saying without Bure Linden would be considered a bum, but a lot of what Bure did is attributed to Linden because, especially in the 90's, people liked Canadian players a lot more than Russians. Linden is the most average, okay player that people consider to be some sort of playoff menace because he was a good guy. Kind of crazy.
  24. Legalization is a good idea but we as a country are still far away from being able to legalize things like cocaine, heroine or meth. Legalization might not stop the problem with fentanyl either depending on how it's handled. The problem is there is so much fentanyl being sold cheaply to the Canada/US from Chinese manufacturers illegal drug dealers use it as filler with more expensive drugs. A shady corporation might do something similar.
  25. O'Toole is a gutless man who will not stand up to the cult of the far right in western politics.
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