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  1. People religiously avoid foods which may give them cancer 30 years down the road but stampede to Pfizer. No upside for kids. It's that simple.
  2. I would never recommend kids take this vax, unless maybe they have an underlying condition or are obese. I have taken the vax specifically so younger people would not feel obligated to take an experimental vax to protect me. Trumps vaccine was rushed through the process. Why take a risk if you're not at risk to begin with. Pregnant women now are OK'd for the vax???!!! Wow.
  3. Bieksa is smart. Let him be our GM. I'd put money on his success.
  4. Those who think catching covid outdoors is a possibility worth worrying about are the ones having a problem with facts. Here's a quote from one of the leftist propaganda machines, this is the best even they could come up with. I know I'm not planning on breathing on someone face to face for 15 minutes. https://www.bbc.com/news/explainers-55680305 Even so, there are a handful of cases where it's believed that infections did happen outside. One study found that two men in China talking face-to-face for at least 15 minutes was enough to spread the virus.
  5. Not a bad decision. Savings accounts will probably lose value but other investments have gone up so much already that, as usual, good bets are not easy to find.
  6. Yes gold is the famous hedge in that regard but any commodity or "thing" can work. For instance, buy a house now with your $200K because next year you may not be able to buy half a house for that price. An exaggeration but the risk is there.
  7. The printing presses are working full time so if you want to maintain your wealth buy things, because money could soon be "worthless". Stocks are things, that's why they're going up.
  8. The S&P 500 rose 68% under Trump. What the graph reflects is a mystery.
  9. Watch Seaspiracy on Neftflix if you want to see a biggest environmental issue the earth faces. It's commercial fishing.
  10. Tram left because he had too much desire. He wanted the ice time he deserved. He didn't want to play, or didn't understand, the "wait your turn" game. Maybe Tram is not too swift, a bit weird, or super stubborn. Whatever, these are bad times canuckville.
  11. If 5 is average I rate him a 3. I dont like his attitude towards us being kicked around. His press conference performance is the worst I've seen. He looks like a weak leader.
  12. What was Jake doing out there in the last minute yesterday? When we need the win Green has to swallow his pride and play his best, just like he did in the playoffs last year when things were dire. Jake brought us through then, but bingo, back to the bottom in the next series.
  13. Anyone interested in the fish industry or the environment in general needs to watch the Seaspiracy on Netflix now. Shocking and it will likely will change your behavior.
  14. It's funny this should pop up today when yesterday I was just thinking about what a waste this show was from my perspective. What a great heroic character Dany was. To have her not end up on the throne in the end rendered the whole thing, for lack of a better term, pointless.
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