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  1. Gaud is an NHL player but not the type required to win a cup. I doubt this will come back to haunt us significantly. If he's played on a top line he will do fine.
  2. Definitely need to fit in as many farmhands as possible. Don't be tempted to push anybody into playing too much.
  3. There's no point signing middling players like Pearson. What a waste. Top 6 and heavy grinders are what is needed and he is neither. Sad day.
  4. A beneficiary of bureaucracy I mean. Have to figure out editing.
  5. Oh no, I'll do fine in the world you wished for. I fought against the bourgeousie, swamp, establishment, ruling class, bureaucracy etc. for your benefit, not mine. I get along fine with them. I was one.
  6. Here's what me and I bet George believe . Let me know which part is ignorant or was not relevant in 1992. Credit to Mike Creamer. Answered February 10, 2021 An interesting, and for some reason emotionally charged, question. The full answer is quite long - this is highly abbreviated, but you can go look stuff up if you’re interested. When it was formed, Earth had an atmosphere with high methane and CO2 levels, amongst other things, helpful at the tim
  7. I was wondering if you'd be able to digest the nuance. Here watch this and you'll get it. Very funny.
  8. You really don't know anything more about Ted Cruz's true motivations than I do. It doesn't matter anyway, as long as he does the right thing. Why aren't illegals legal? Trump, going against his party and supporters, offered the dreamers a path to citizenship and the Democrats shut it down. Why? Because it would take away one of their favourite talking points. Enforced generosity spirals into tyranny, societal collapse and genocide. I enjoy the abundance and order that capitalism delivers. I'd prefer not to experiment further with failed ideology. The earth
  9. By letting the migrants know they weren't welcome, sending them back to Mexico to await hearings, and making an agrrement with Mexico to stop the caravans at the Mexican border. Biden rejected these policies, laid out the welcome mat and got the flood of immigrants he wanted. Some nice cheap labour so his friends and @CBH1926 can keep wages nice and low. Again, I told you... me and Ted don't care about the migrants, we are pointing out the conditions to you because you and your's cared immensely about the conditions 4 years ago. Kids that you branded as "in cages" were being prote
  10. It was more than two years ago. Trump solved the border crisis, Biden resurrected it. But it isn't a crisis for your leaders, it's a success. They don't want borders. We did care (more than) 2 years ago, that's where the SEPARATING FAMILIES!!! attack came from. You know what happens when social services steps in right?
  11. Before you get too mad....I love the kids but they have to put somewhere for their own safety. What are you supposed to do with them, let them run around the facility? I consider the other border crossers to be criminals.
  12. Ok then. Why aren't you screaming for Biden's head due to the border situation.
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