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  1. Virtanen buyout, Holtby moved. 3m opened up if Holtby cant be traded, only bought out. 6mish if we can move Holtby somehow. I don't wanna see Schmidt moved anymore (I think he'd be a perfect partner for OEL) but that's also an option and can be replaced by a cheaper option.
  2. Trading picks is fine if you've already built your core, which he has, and he did it through the draft. Demko, Horvat, Boeser, Petey. Hoglander. We've also got Juolevi, Rathbone, and Podkolzin coming up. No team gets 100% built through the draft, and at the end of the day, he can trade away every single pick we ever have as long as he's getting better value in return. He got outsized value when he traded for Miller. He got outsized value here too. Garland makes the kind of impact you expect an extremely successful 1st round pick to make. Does it really matter how we got him - through d
  3. Honestly the picks really don't matter in this deal. In an average year, you may hit on 2/7 of your picks. Yes we traded away picks, but we got a guaranteed roster player, who also happens to be a bona fide top 6. We basically traded Dylan Guenther away for Conor Garland. Take that deal any day and run fast before the other team changes their mind haha
  4. yup yup yup honestly with this move, im now a huge JB fan. He drafted an incredible core for us, and now he's undone his bad contracts in 1 move. I don't care what anyone says, OEL is a beast. He played on the PP, PK, matchup minutes, and was over 0.5 ppg playing disgruntled for a terrible team. Garland makes our top 6 incredibly dangerous, and our third line gets a lot better with Pearson (presumably) and Dickinson. I imagine that's also a good spot for Podkolzin to play if he's ready to make the leap. Miller-Petey-Boes Hogs-Horvat-Garland Pearson-Dickinson-Podz Motte-4C-Highmor
  5. 100% agree. Schmidt plays best on the right side, and OEL has the defensive awareness that comes with being a top PK unit guy. I'm thinking he makes a perfect partner for Schmidt, and they make each other a whole lot better. Savard to play with Hughes, and lets Hughes run up the score b/c teams are busy trying to match up against OEL and Schmidt. OEL-Schmidt Hughes-Savard Juolevi-Myers Rathbone
  6. Yeah and at the very least, Guenther is not anywhere near being ready for the NHL. He wasn't going to come in and help us for at least a couple years. Wow I didn't know that about Garland. Good for him. Hopefully he can retire with us haha. Me too. This year should be incredibly exciting to watch.
  7. Thats the thing though - they're giving away a guaranteed top 6 for a guy who might become a top 6. Plenty of guys drafted in the 1st round end up being busts. I remember watching Gilbert Brule play for the Giants and tearing up the WHL thinking he'd absolutely light up the NHL, and nope. I'm thinking both OEL and Garland expressed a desire to leave, and Garland's RFA status forced their hand. Arizona likely didn't get screwed (lets see what happened with Guenther) but ultimately I think we made out like bandits.
  8. Agreed. Big pieces were drafted. Bad contracts gone. We've got some guys playing better than their contract values (Horvat, Boeser, Miller, Hoglander, Demko). Now's the time to compete, and fill out the supporting cast via trade and free agency. Last thing we need: proper shutdown D man, and we're all set for an incredible year. OEL with someone like Savard for the 1st PK unit.
  9. Honestly a really good take. This was the year to trade the 1st rounder - I expect a lot of busts in the 1st round, due to lack of playing time and limited scouting opportunities. He should focus on recovering picks in next year's draft and 2023. I'm pretty surprised this deal got done. Guenther for Garland? GREAT deal for us. Beagle, Roussel, LE, 2nd rounder, 3rd rounder, bucket of chicken for OEL? With Salary retained? Incredible deal for us. Really not sure how Arizona benefits from this, unless Garland was not going to want to sign with them. Seems like a pretty bad deal to
  10. Haha yeah I guess podz would qualify. Hogs is a roster player for us so I'd say hes prob valued at a bit more than a top tier prospect, but thats just my opinion So realistically the fair deal would be: Podz + 9th OA for Reinhardt.. Rather take our chances in the draft and have a great player that can produce for us on an ELC in a couple years time.
  11. Exactly right. They wouldn't do the deal. He's worth more than that. I'd say assets that value at 2x 1st round picks. So a 1st rounder + a top tier prospect (I don't think we necessarily have one of those right now).
  12. Damn they really went for youth + value. No proven starter though. I guess it kinda makes sense - no team was gonna expose their #1 (except Montreal apparently), so all they could do was choose between #2s. Maybe they draft and develop their own franchise goaltender too, they've got some options in this draft
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