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  1. Didn't know we still have prospects... Forwards at least.
  2. lol... you even see a few posts declaring we are contenders just a couple of days ago. The touch of adrenaline with Canucks fans is funny. Well a few things.. Losing to Detriot and Buffalo are pretty bad. We did outshoot Detroit and are 1-2-1, so hopefully it's just bad luck and we will do better. Already said we needed to change coach during the offseason. We are not coached well. The horrible performance on the special teams, even though we have the talent, and getting outshot by Buffalo, that says it all. The explosiveness we showed in the 2019 season and the subsequent playoff performance everyone keeps on reminiscing where we were winning games like 9-3 against Boston and then losing 2-9 to Lightning. Shows that we have the talent, but lack the structure, which again comes to coaching. Actually we have not been coached well since AV. Torts, Desjardins, Green. Really should have gotten someone like Gallant to coach.
  3. Shoulda given him that 1 game in Detriot before hes sent down... oh well
  4. lol.. pretty contradicting. Karlsson most likely picked the team who would pay him the most to sign. And you can be certain not many teams would have shelled out 8 years 92million for a 29 year old Karlsson. SJS kind of had to resign him after the treasure trove they used to trade for him the year before.
  5. Hard to imagine a regular young man would get attacked by 4 men without altercation. So if this was done because he is Benning's son. Then wow, police really needs to crack this case. This needs to be addressed. In Yaletown nonetheless lol..
  6. Nice game... Did Green bench Podkolzin after his nice snipe in the second period? 7minutes of game time only in a game that went to OT lol...
  7. lol what's up with these kids feeling entitled because they were drafted high.
  8. In the context that we are having Dal Colle, Juolevi, Virtanen in the conversation, anyone playing 2nd line and above is great. By the way, your list is really conservative. Jones, Ekblad, Laine, Dubois are great players.
  9. The list is so bloody obvious it'd be an insult to your intellect if I had to write it out for you.
  10. Actually most top 5 goes on to become great players in the NHL since the 2013 draft. Dunno what you are posting just because MDC is waived.
  11. Two consecutive Stanley Cups, did an amazing job, deserves to get paid.
  12. boy our coaching staff really likes to treat prospects drafted by our own organization like second hand citizens while newly acquired players like Leivo, Vessey, Highmore, Chiasson gets like 17, 19+ minutes a game and top 6 looks. What's the logic behind this lol.
  13. 2014 draft 18/30 2nd rounders played in the NHL 2015 draft 23/30 2nd rounders played in the NHL And this doesn't even matter. I like what Gadjovich brings and his progress. Now he is a Sharks. I don't see other NHL teams losing prized prospects... May be you can name some good prospects that were lost to waivers from other teams? Sure every team loses fringe projects. But as said again, Gadjovich is looking good at 22 years old.
  14. how dare you guys insult Highmore.. there's a post of 30+ pages on this board somewhere singing praises to this hockey prodigy all to justify we "won" a trade.
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