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  1. Don't know why you would bring up Schneider. Goaltenders are known to trade for horrible value. Schneider for 9th pick is actually a pretty good trade. Better example would be what you would trade Horvat for. Would you trade away Horvat for a #9 pick? Horvat and Reinhart are pretty close players.
  2. Miller was on a downtrend at the time... (Lightning must trade him to dump cap, Miller's minutes were downgraded to 3rd line, his production dropped) Reinhart is in no downtrend, hes 25 years old, nice size, consistently scores 25 goals/55 points. If anything Buffalo may be holding him back. A 25 year old, former #2 draft pick, who definitely can slot into your top or 2nd line with potential for a higher ceiling. You can bet there are more bidders than us floating our #9 pick. By the way, Miller went for 1st + 3rd round pick.
  3. Probably cant even get Reinhart with that package. Reinhart is worth way more than a #9 pick, dont know how you guys come up with value. The player himself was drafted #2. When and if Reinhart gets traded, you will see it's a for a nice young roster player + 1st round pick and probably more. Not this #9 straightup excuse we are cooking up.
  4. God I am so wrong about Toffoli. Hes legit top 6 and performing well! Still dont like the person too much.
  5. You thinking Dipeitro can move you up to a 1st or 2nd overall..... really?
  6. ? Gallant took a mintly assembled NHL team to the stanley cup finals in their first season. That in itself is probably bigger than a cup win for a coach. He just won the World Championship. The guy's a winner and we just missed out. Sticking with Green, hope it works out.
  7. Wow Islanders making things interesting. Nice. Point is just such an amazing player. If Hoglander can trend towards that direction, it would be great for the team.
  8. They were actually still quite competitive this year.. I dont see them blowing it up at all even if the decline is true. At least they are in a better spot than Penguins who has declined to a much worse shape. Bruins also have some young uns that's slowly geling into their core like Patrnak/DeBrusk/Ritchie/McAvoy/Grzelczyk. If anything, I see Bruins as buyers. They will probably do what Benning has tried to do, do hockey trades, aiming for players aged under 25. Their Coyle and Ritchie trades are exactly this. Just that the Coyle trade did not work out well.
  9. Yeah, I did, I poked fun at the personal insult he made at me. And so? I was raising the very logical question why didn't the girl just try to leave or why wasn't there any struggle. And he goes all ape$&!# on me calling me names and saying I dont know what rape is. Any investigator looking at a murder scene would ask why there wasn't any struggle. Doesn't point to any conclusions, there could be solid reasons, asking questions just digs deeper to finding out the truth.
  10. I'd be shocked if 2.8mil AAV is the highest Savard can get. I'm thinking more like 5.5mil for 6 years. But then it's COVID....
  11. lol so angry. Obviously an emotional case for you, here is a tissue. I'm just offering my point of view. In no way am I supporting Virtanen. Why are your conclusions all based on trusting the girl's story 100% and already believing that Virtanen raped her? Virtanen has already come out and said he did not force her. How do you know he is lying? Other than you obviously hate his guts right now.
  12. No, there's no need to put words in my mouth and make conclusions for me based on my statements, thank you. Our argument is she consent to the sexual act or not. Which everyone is trying to find out, but no one can prove. So I raised the question, if she was not consenting, why didn't she struggle to get out. You can argue that she froze up, which you already mentioned, but that's a pretty weak argument to me. And if there were already kissing, hugging and touching with consent, which the girl admitted, and she suddenly froze up when they start sex. Then can it be blamed on
  13. I cant see Tampa Bay losing even though Islanders did take down Boston. Hope Colorado pulls through. Tampa Bay vs Colorado would be ok to watch.
  14. Dont have to overcomplicate things. There are two facts that we know. The girl willing went inside the hotel room with Virtanen. And the girl willingly agreed to make out and have body contact. If she wanted to get out before any sexual thing happened, she can kick, run, scream, throw things, gorge Virtanen's eyes, bang at the wall for help. Doesn't sound like she did any of that.
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