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  1. Jake Bean is already a pretty good defensemen... Getting him for a 2nd rounder is just highway robbery. The moves by Carolina this offseason is just totally dumb. They had such a great up and coming team. Losing Hamilton for nothing too after trading their previous 2 #5 drafted players for him.
  2. Well hated him in 2014. Squashed as like bugs and we had no pushback whatsoever. You can tell he loves hockey though, so this is sad news to hear he won't be playing again. Good luck to him in his other pursuits!
  3. This kind of contract at 24... Horvat's draft class was still taking in 5.5x6 or 6x6s contracts.. I guess he did score 20 goals a couple of years ago. If he performs at that level from 24 to 30 years old - his best years, this contract would be well worth it. But these kids are getting their huge pay day way too earlier.
  4. You trying to say that Hamonic and Poolman are similar level players is lol. (btw I am ok with the Poolman signing, I even think it is decent and could surprise to the upside)
  5. So... I think we still have like 5mil of cap how's it going to be used? Unless we are overpaying on Pettersson/Hughes/Dickinson...
  6. lol 3 years at 850K you can tell he really loves the team.
  7. Nothing to complain at that price. Welcome back Sutter!
  8. Uhhh.. So all the big name RDs we were supposed to target are gone, unless I am missing someone.
  9. Gagner didn't play too poorly. He was like 100x better than Eriksson. And we even have Eriksson defenders on here. Little things and defensive specialist. Another mysterious unknown hate for a past Canuck.
  10. Wtf is Carolina doing... They are like blowing up their own team which has been trending up....
  11. lol... so much for denying rumors Schmidt requested trade. Cough Benning and Schmidt. Jets have lots of room to improve their D, a 3rd is all they are willing to pay? Cheapskates! I guess the league runs by, this is how much you originally got Schmidt for though.
  12. Yeah but Bennet plays a pretty heavy game. Gritty and can fight really well. Bennet's also played 6 full NHL seasons, you basically know what you are getting even if he doesn't score. If he adds scoring to those attributes, 4.25mil is well worth it. Garland on the other hand, 5'10, if he doesn't score...
  13. Im not sold hes a legit top 6 yet. He's had like 1.5 good seasons.... Hope im wrong.
  14. .... you can literally pull up a scouting video from anyone drafted top 10 and hype about it. Even if Hughes does stand on his own defensively in the future, he is not a 6'6" Hedman who can anchor 2 Stanley Cups, I think that's the main point.
  15. If it was that easy anyone can be GM. Already reported no one wants Holtby at 4.3mil, we would have to add a pick and we dont want to. Hopefully we can unload Schmidt for a 2nd. Now the final part, can we sign a substantial RD like Hamilton when a handful of teams are trying to do the same thing. If we can't, may be we are keeping Schmidt.
  16. lol he took a discount last contract, bummed the season, and now flat salary. Poor kid. Gotta prove you earn it again.
  17. Yea people writing off Kole Lind is ridiculous. That's a #33 pick and 4 years of development right there. It's a loss. The kid has made strides in the AHL and was pushing for a NHL job and can pan out. Not like we protected someone we shouldn't have though. So even though the loss is painful, it is what it is.
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