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  1. Except... the reason we haven't signed Pettersson and Hughes yet is because of the cap. Yet your proposal goes over the cap.
  2. he has human rights, but the other people who gets to be around him doesn't? Like 60 year old coaches gets heightened chances of catching covid? lol... such dumbass comment doesnt bode well for this young dude's career.
  3. I can seriously see a drop off from this guy in 3-4 years. Dont know why/how Wild is being hold hostage over him.
  4. Comparing yourself to the Oilers and feeling good about it.... That's a new Lowe.
  5. Giving a D to Hughes/Pettersson signing is more than fair. We have left ourselves with only 14mil of cap space when it will probably take 8mil each to sign both. This is why it is still not done deals and we will see how it plays out. It is much better to get these done early so the star players are prepared for training camp, which further adds to the D grade.
  6. dunno why people keep saying this when hes signed some big contracts like Bobby Ryan, Chabot, Murray, Batherson and now soon to be Tkachuk.
  7. Could be exciting and do wonders for this team if he plays as good as he is hyped.
  8. prime Bertuzzi/Naslund dominates the league. Luongo/Sedins are close.
  9. OEL, Poolman, Rathbone, Schenn are all new. Will depend on how the season progresses and how well we are coached but slapping together a D core half of them new to the team is hardly solid. We just lost our blueline anchor for the past decade - Edler; that's probably bigger than most people imagine.
  10. Well I respect the effort you are putting in. But how does 1) Big bruising Dman not lasting long in the league and 2) top 15 players games played of all times have a correlation? And you get 4 likes from this board rofl.... First of all, if small/medium sized guys can last the longest in the league, it does not affect the ability for big bruising Dman to play long in the league, there is no correlation at all. Secondly, you are taking the entire history of the league when we were obviously talking if big bruising Dman can last long or not in today's NHL. You see everyone on your list is historic players.... I already mentioned... Weber played until age 36, Chara will probably play this season at age 42... Orpiks played until he was 38, Byfuglien 34 until he had ankle problems or something like that, Kronwall played until 38, Phaneuf played until 34, Girardi was 35, Seabrook was still playing last season he was 35.
  11. Well Draisaitl is much better than Pettersson. Nurse is more of an anchor to any team's blueline than Hughes is/will be. So...
  12. Big bruising Dmen tend to age quicker? Why did Weber still play so well at 36 and Chara is still playing lol. People shouldn't post without thinking...
  13. Even if Aho is worth 9mil right now, Boeser signed for 5.9mil AAV the same year. It means Carolina probably coulda get Aho signed at a much lower AAV without the offer sheet screwing things up.
  14. Ovechkin, Malkin, Kucherov, Datsyuk, Panarin; order probably goes like this for me. Some names I dont know though.
  15. Yup McDavid is a media trained puppy. Not the most talented player in the history of the league and has the will to carry the team to winning because he is paid that way.
  16. Matthews: I really believe in the team and I really believe in all of the players on the team -- the core group especially... I truly believe that we're going to get it done. McDavid: We obviously [like] where our group is at, we've got lots of guys that are just stepping into their primes that's a core group. the focus shifts to next year and everyone will be getting ready to go for a big year next year. MacKinnon: I thought we were the best team in the league. For whatever reason, couldn’t get it together... I’m sure in training camp next year we’ll figure it out, dissect things and come back better. The guy who is about to become our highest paid player... Pettersson: I also want to play for a team that's winning and has the chance to go far into the playoffs every year... If we have that chance when my next deal expires... I don't know. I just wanna play where there's a chance of winning. = /
  17. Dunno why people are so high on Rathbone. Reminds me of last summer when people were high on Rafferty. Turned out really well. I'd wait and see before I jump on horses.
  18. We have a pretty easy October. It will be a good gauge for the rest of the season. Better get at least 6, 7 wins out of that.
  19. To make it short, you would like Pettersson and Hughes to take a team friendly contract so you can lowball Parise and Bozak and sign them. Not gonna happen after all those 9million contracts handed out around the league. Pettersson's comment basically confirms he won't be doing the team any favors. Basically he is going to take a short term contract to see where the team goes. Most of the time when people make these comments years ahead they are setting up for their eventual departure. (I hope not and he flourishes in Vancouver, we'll see) I was hoping Benning lowballs Garland and Dickinson on their contracts. Didn't happen, so I really can't see how he can lowball Pettersson and Hughes, our presumably superstars.
  20. Panthers could really do some damage this season.
  21. Even though I liked Naslund a lot. In terms of achievement and personal skills/production, it is H Sedin/Sedins.
  22. Hamilton, Pastrnak, McAvoy... probably top 3 players put on any NHL team... taken a nose dive... ehhh..
  23. Yea sorry about being open minded and looking at each fact separately instead of being stubbornly fixated on a conclusion on case that hasn't even gone to trial.
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