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  1. Sorry man, nothing complex here. Horvat is one amazing player, is he even a bonafide 1st line center? May be. Dubois on the other hand is a special player. For the next 5-8 years, looking more and more like his career is going to track like Toews when he was young.
  2. Absolutely amazing. Are we now within cap with Ericsson/Baerstachi/Ferland waived/LTIR? Im shocked Hoglander's in our starting lineup and 2nd line to boot. Finally get to see what's all he hype about this kid on here.
  3. Well this is embarrassing... wasn't he just doing pushups with stacks of money a few years ago. At this point he should just take lessons from Trump. How to complete fail your finances and still live off like a billionarie. Like sue the casinos for predatory lending or something like that, take it to the surpreme court!
  4. Well Hoffman might actually fit well on the Blues, we'll see. At least the Blues is putting the cap they supposedly saved from Pietrangelo to use.
  5. Well quite surpised LA didn't offer him a job, he seemed to have done OK there. Looks like Benning made all the right moves letting Tanev/Toffoli/Stecher go, now we have Schmidt and Hamonic (if it pans out).
  6. lol, the majority of people who follows hockey will agree Dubois is better than Horvat. So I am not going to waste time to explain simple facts to you. This just makes the crowd on CDC appear ever more so biased and secluded.
  7. rofl lol no. Dubois is younger, bigger and very possibly better.
  8. This will be huge if we can somehow get Hamonic under our cap. The defense will suddenly become from being one of our weak points to our strongest strength. If our goalies gets it together, we are looking at an exciting cup run.
  9. People are underrating Virtanen/Gaudette a bit too much for the production they bring to the team. This is trading away 78 points combined, Laughton sure won't provide that. And if we are gunning for a cup run, we can't afford that either.
  10. Dubois is going to be quite a player. Goodjob to Columbus with their scouting, because the attention was on the big 3 that year Matthews, Laine, Puljujarvi
  11. Doesn't want to play in Winnepeg, doesn't want to play in Columbus; he is even born there. Probably thinks he is a superstar and deserves more ice time and doesn't want to work under Torts grind system. No thanks.
  12. lol.... what ceiling..?? Podzilkin has a high ceiling? Can you name some a bunch of NHL powerforwards that are big and strong and play Podzilkin's drive the net style? Because I sure can name a bunch of undersized speed and skilled current day NHL players.
  13. After 3 years of claiming Ottawa will take Eriksson off for us. CDC is still holding on to this pipedream. rofl.
  14. Dont even know who Newhook is until this post. Looks pretty promising though. Damn Colorado, damn Joe Sakic, hes setting up Colorado to be competitive for at least the next 5 years with their current team and huge pool of prospects.
  15. Wow lucky for Arizona to make that trade and get a 2nd back in this market. Now they are within cap lol.
  16. I actually think this is an overpayment? Considering Horvat is at 5.5mil/year... Didn't shine in the playoffs either.
  17. Not gonna pretend I know how retirement/LTIR works, but from what I read Steen is still getting paid, and his 5.75mil cap hit still applies to Blue's 20/21 cap hit.
  18. Conspiracy theory aside, I dont think the league's leading scorer for the past few years will willingly take a year off just to help his team cheat cap and put a dent in his legacy/waste 1 of his prime years of more production.
  19. Dont know about this signing.. Had 1 good year @ Vegas. Previously dumped by the Wild and Vegas. 1.75mil cap space can do wonders in this market.
  20. If they were going to waive Ericsson, they would have done it ages ago. How years of floating has he brought to the team? They probably had some agreement when he was signed. Same with if he was tradeable. While adding Hoffman or Hamonic is going to bring us very close to being a contender, I dont see it happening when we are currently already over the cap.
  21. Why is this even a stance? We are in the middle of a pandemic which is transmited in the air. Many countries in Asia: China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Korea already got the diease under control because of masks and contact tracing.
  22. Bedard is being described as a phenom. Dont think Horvat/Boeser is ever going to get you that 1st overall pick. Pretty much the same with Michkov
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