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  1. If it was that easy anyone can be GM. Already reported no one wants Holtby at 4.3mil, we would have to add a pick and we dont want to. Hopefully we can unload Schmidt for a 2nd. Now the final part, can we sign a substantial RD like Hamilton when a handful of teams are trying to do the same thing. If we can't, may be we are keeping Schmidt.
  2. lol he took a discount last contract, bummed the season, and now flat salary. Poor kid. Gotta prove you earn it again.
  3. Yea people writing off Kole Lind is ridiculous. That's a #33 pick and 4 years of development right there. It's a loss. The kid has made strides in the AHL and was pushing for a NHL job and can pan out. Not like we protected someone we shouldn't have though. So even though the loss is painful, it is what it is.
  4. Wow our cap situation is actually looking up. If we manage to shed one of Schmidt/Holtby, sign Pettersson/Hughes to 7mil max each. And sign Dickinson/Garland to cheap contracts, we do actually have some cap to spend still.
  5. Anything but 3mil for 3 years pls. But this time he doesnt have the cap, so we should be safe. The we need veteran presence to protect our kids is a BS excuse. None of the elite teams overpay their 3rd/4th lines. The players on making up the 2 lines should be engaged and excited to compete on this team, not taking a payday to be here.
  6. Wtf a goalie prospect and a 1st round pick, top 10 protected for Reinhart - that's it? I am in awe, that cant be the price.
  7. You cant be serious judging how good a Dman is by their number of Norris votes lol. Jones is a 6'4 215pound Dman who can put up 15 goals/60 points on a good team and log 25 minutes. Nope let's ignore all that and look at how many Norris votes he gets and totally forget Columbus sucked pretty badly last year and basically the team gave up on Torts through midway. Any way Jones and Makar are both amazing Dmen and will be top 5 Dmen in the league during their prime. Makar is still developing though, so 2-3 years off.
  8. lol the myriad of CDC fans arguing Hughes is better than Makar the last couple of years. And now that Makar is signed at 9mil AAV suddenly Makar is better and Hughes' contract should be less....? Ok!
  9. If we are losing Chatfield... I dont get why we didn't play Juolevi more and gave Chatfield all that icetime last season... I mean Juolevi was sitting on the bench many games while Chatfield played in what was obvious a lost season. This lack of planning is meh.
  10. I've always liked Blue Jacket's GM. He went all in for his team a few years ago. Lost the bet, but at least he had the guts to make a cup run for a non hockey city. He also sucked it up and navigated with losing Panarin and Bobrovsky. And then Dubois / Jones wanting to leave. Now he has a cupboard full of picks/prospects and still icing a pretty decent team. A lot of his constricts is probably due to the city itself and the team budget too. So good for him.
  11. Seems like a good fit. Panthers are going to be very dangerous if the trade works out.
  12. Wow I really like this deal. Im surprised we pulled it off. > To get OEL, which I think is still a great player and may even surprise many with a rejuvenated career after playing in Arizona for 11 seasons. > To dump 12million in cap... Wow! > Garland is a smallish upgrade to Pearson but with nice offensive touch who can slot in the 2nd/3rd line. > Now we have a respectable 2 LD combo OEL/Hughes. With some cap room relief to sign Hughes/Pettersson and RDs. . The really bad part is of course we lose the 9th pick.... Who was going to turn int
  13. Well pretty good return for the Sabres. Funny to see them rebuilding again when they never actually got good to begin with.
  14. Well... trade Schmidt, clear cap and go for which D?? This is the most important point. If we are not bringing a substantial D back any where, we are looking at another lost season lol.
  15. lol at the Kraken going with the towering defensemen build. Was watching Oleksiak getting thrown around like a bag of potatoes in trades a few years ago. And now he is getting one of the best contracts in the league this summer.
  16. Wow Larsson... coulda gotten more money and term in the open market. 4x4 is not too good for his last big contract.
  17. Didn't get the hate for Weber. I thought he played solidly for us. Not a defensive anchor. But played quite well as a 5th/6th defensive who had an offensive touch. Part of the hate is probably because Desjardins played him a lot. But he is obviously a decent defensemen who went on with a solid career at Nashville being their 7th D even though Nashville was actually contending for the cup during those years.
  18. Benning's been trying to be aggressive every offseason if you haven't noticed... While most of the moves I agree with, most of the moves have not worked out unfortunately.
  19. The Leafs dominate the regular season for the past 4 years and are hyped going into the playoffs every season. We draft #9 this year and not too sure we can make the playoffs next season. May be that's the difference there.
  20. The Leafs dominate the regular season for the past 4 years and are hyped going into the playoffs every season. We draft #9 this year and not too sure we can make the playoffs next season. May be that's the difference there.
  21. Goodrow is actually better than Coleman. Hes logged a ton of minutes for the Lightning's cup run some times even more than names like Stamkos lol. Of course this could turn out to be a horrible 6 x 3.6mil contract. But this looks like his payday.
  22. We can get someone pretty good (like Horvat) at #9. Really should hold onto the pick for the future of this club.
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