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  1. How are we a contending team rofl.. Our D corps is only Myers and Schmidt and one of them is requesting a trade lol. A contender would have a D corps that's 3-4 years of developing some solid chemistry like the Lightning or Islanders.
  2. Having Keith replace Larsson and losing a 3rd rounder, hardly seems like an upgrade Edmonton...
  3. And people thought a 2nd round pick or something like that could get rid of Eriksson... Always said that a 1st was the bare minimum.
  4. You can't criticize Edler for not coming back all the while bashing him for being a bad player lol. Freaking pick a position. 2 million is totally fair is just your opinion, what he can get in the open market is reality.
  5. You mean after UFA day has gone by and Canucks couldn't find any defensemen to sign and they circle back to Tanev? Being treated like a thirdline backup option after 10+ years of decent play in Vancouver, along with more money and term in Calgary, Tanev chooses Calgary. So Tanev was offered a contract. Toffoli literally came out to mock our management for lack of contact/communication since he is playing so well now in Montreal. To try to continue to explain it is just lol.
  6. Well Schneider turned out to be good for only 2-3 years afterwards and got us Horvat. Luongo actually got us Markstrom.
  7. Oh god someone pls stop Benning before we sign Hyman to a 8 year 5million deal.
  8. Wow stop making stuff up and posting it like they are real. Tanev wanted to stay in Vancouver, my best guess is we didn't even give him a phone call nevermind a contract offer. https://www.nhl.com/news/christopher-tanev-willing-to-be-patient-to-re-sign-in-vancouver/c-318980006 Toffoli already came out and said he was waiting from the Canucks and we made 0 effect to contact him. Anything you said that's closer to the truth is Markstrom, we really wanted to sign him but couldn't give him the NMC, so he choose Calgary.
  9. Well with that said... the guy have 4 Stanley Cup rings. Canucks 0 in 50 years.
  10. He is still almost ppg at a 8.25mil cap hit. It's actually not bad at all. But Flyers have underachieved quite badly the last few years. Not surprised they are changing things up.
  11. I fail to see how we have 4-5million of cap space lol. Especially when first in line is to sign like 3 more defensemen after Hughes.
  12. Those 2 are different things, don't know why you would complain about them in the same sentence. Tampa Bay put Kucherov on LTIR until the playoffs. We also put Ferland on LTIR, that's how we got under the cap as well. So a Canuck fan complaining about this is actually quite ridiculous.
  13. Haven't been dominate since 2011. The old days where we win most nights have been far and few. It's gonna take a while for the kids to grow for us to be able to dominate like that again unfortunately.
  14. You are underrating Miller a bit too much. Miller can net us 4 1st rounders if the cards are played right.
  15. Boeser is great, really like him. But he is not some super homerun pick. Considering Barzal, Connor, Chabot, Konecny, Aho, Carlo, Cernak were drafted shortly before or after Boeser.
  16. Not sure why everyone's throwing in Lind in their proposals. Has his 7 games in the NHL been that unimpressive? (Haven't watched him play). I understand the Juolevi trade, but it's the exact reason the trade won't work. Why would Colorado who is gunning for the cup want Juolevi as one of their 6 dmen. Colorado can easily offer Seattle a 2nd round pick and a prospect have Seattle pick a unimportant player and keep Graves. Signing David Savard would be very good to stablize our defense. Not sure how we find the cap space though.
  17. I dont even know who Lauzon is before lol.... Even if we trade Juolevi, Woo, and 2nd, if it upgrades our D now and a potentially top 4 shutdown dman down the road; it's a decent proposal.
  18. Dont think it's too bad at all in Minnesota. Getting a player like Eriksson Ek with a #20 pick. Going by your logic all GMs are now forced to draft anyone homegrown with a tiny slither of potential or they will face backlash? Dont think so man.
  19. To think Flames threw in Adam Fox in the Hamilton trade. Should have kept Fox and traded him to NYR for those 2x2nd round picks.
  20. Cant see this working out well with Benning's huge ego. Something's gotta give.
  21. If you think about it. Quite possible Benning will use the #9 pick to upgrade the team and save his job instead of thinking about the future. Owner probably on board with this direction too.
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