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  1. Yeah totally. Minny maybe has a stronger D group but less up front on O
  2. He’s talking about her because she was a special guest, and is the public figurehead, in a fight for the same things your friends (and my friends and family as well) are working for. If I recall correctly a few front line people were also introduced at the start of the game as special guests. Henry is only receiving the attention she is because she’s the face of the fight. Let’s put it this way, if you agree to go to battle but complain about the lack of accolades for your participation, then you’re in it for the wrong effin reasons. 3 Heath care workers, 1 doctor, 2 other front line workers in my family and none of them are complaining that they deserve something more. They know what they signed up for in trying to help others get through this. And if you listened, Cheech praised a few people for helping him through his situation, including some members of the Nux medical team. There a lot to complain about with this team right now. The fact that you’re watching hockey, that people can finally go back to seeing a live game!!, and again, this is the $h!t u wanna complain about huh? irony.
  3. The guy just got thru a Covid scare and at his age (and maybe health?) he’s sharing how appreciative he is that some people take it seriously on his behalf, regardless of YOUR perspective. Doesn’t have to chap your a$$. But that’s what you choose to complain about…?
  4. He’s not “injured”. Apparently it’s long Covid…?
  5. And what about Toews’ rep…? Gonna be interesting if that gets scrutinized because ppl hold his character in pretty high regard.
  6. Yeah, pronounced: Yah-Kob Now self/identifies as Trans-National.
  7. The part that stings about Gadj is that he was making huge progress in OUR development system…one that has barely produced NHL quality players in the last few years. It’s one thing to let go of a young prospect who seems to be treading water/middling. You often see that prospect begin to make progress in another system that maybe fits better, provides the right teammates/chemistry, coaching, etc etc. Soooo many factors go into it. Essentially though, both the player and the system have to complement each other. The issue I will always have with this move, regardless of whether Gadj is successful elsewhere or not, is that this is exactly what he brought. He elevated the farm teams game, his own game, and improved on his deficiencies. That accountability is worth way more of a look on the big club than some journeyman PTO.
  8. Petey is all up in his hurt feelings. Bit more dust to shake off and in time and he’ll be fine.
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