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  1. I’d hedge a bet saying Schmidt is still likely worth a little more than straight up for Zadorov. He’s proven and has term. could snag a 3/4 out of that deal too I’d imagine
  2. Think it would have to be more based on the Risto trade. Likely include a prospect like Woo plus Hogz, plus 9OA and a mid round pick. BUF in re-rebuild and future is what would be attractive to them now I think.
  3. Because you might lose him to CGY or a Cali based team prior to. He’d round out the top 9 quite well and would solidly it enough that the focus could be entirely on assessing a d upgrading D over this season and into next years UFA period.
  4. “Hello Sam, this is Jim Benning. Welcome to the Canucks.”
  5. Canucks First-Round Draft Pick in Play “TSN’s Darren Dreger told WGR 550 Friday that the Vancouver Canucks are open to trading the No. 9 overall pick in Friday’s draft. Among the teams potentially looking at that selection, the Buffalo Sabres are a team that wants to add more picks. It will be interesting to see how many first-round selections are moved in today’s draft. With less scouting opportunities available, some NHL executives believe teams will miss hard on players who wind up being terrible picks. This might be the year to move a first-rounder and if you can accomplish other
  6. Tryamkin wanted a guaranteed roster spot and playing time. His ask was above what he had earned. Also was never truly committed to North America. No sense in signing that type of attitude above trying to find a better option.
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