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  1. I was thinking Richardson a few weeks ago when looking at UFA’s. I’m not sure how much gas he has left in the tank, but he’s a heck of a leader, good in the circle and would come cheap!
  2. he won’t steal a spot from Juolevi simply because he doesn’t have to clear waivers and you need to develop all your players. The canucks are not giving up on OJ after he had a fine start and was then impacted the worst by covid. He’s shown at every level he’s improved and is an NHL defender. You make room for Rathbone as needed on injuries etc because unless OJ is just awful you don’t want him wasting in the press box. I find it hilarious how many of the same people who scream about “asset management”, never consider how to manage assets! lol (not you)
  3. amazingly, we generally go through defenseman like they are toilet paper due to injuries. Who’s to say both players don’t see 50 games each as a result. End of the day OJ is ready and needs to have get ice to develop, and he will, and moreso because it’s becoming clear his long term role on the canucks is as a 2D or 3D, and most likely the latter if Rathbone develops as expected. That being said, Rathbone has played all of 16 games of professional hockey, 8 in the AHL and 8 in the NHL, while i love the kid too, people as usual are assuming a lot at this stage. I remember a lot of people screaming about Shinkaruk, Gaudette, Jordan Subban, on and on. And while I do think Rathbone is a great talent, let’s also be a bit objective, vs shiny new toy syndrome. Rathbone is hopefully our future 2LD, so you let him play in the AHL in the 1LD role to prepare, you call him up as needed as he’s 45 minutes away, and you develop OJ into the 3LD role, a more offensive Tanev so to speak. If we get to a point where we need to make space for Rathbone in a year or even 2, you can always move Juolevi for a lot more than now, and or move OEL and retain some salary.
  4. OP seems to want to trade our best players all the time? We have 2 young men who are as talented or better and more importantly have shown character beyond their years. Eichel has quit on his team, seems to be a bit of a prima donna and yet you want to trade him for Petey, who’s actually put up similar numbers, is younger and clearly is a leader. QH has a 0.75 ppg average Dhalin has a 0.53 ppg average I am not sure how you say Dhalin blows Makar, Hughes, etc out of the water. I feel like OP makes up trade ideas based on what draft pick a player was vs their performance. As he says here “generational” for Dhalin, but he has not looked as such, nor has Eichel, and in fact our guys have outperformed them. How about we keep our best players who are young and win a cup rather than making trades for the sake of it
  5. Yes, and he will either start on the 3rd or 4th line and maybe get some 2nd PP time. They will give him the Bo treatment and let him earn his way up, and if he does, which I suspect he will, the level of depth we’ll have is terrific. Assuming our other guys perform as expected. As you said, what’s great is there will be no pressure on him, other than learn to play the NHL game (which he should be ready for) and be strong in your own zone (which he’s shown he already is). I suspect he will really add a lot of offence to that third line.
  6. Hopefully the new defensive coach will work with him and have him stay at home more. If so, he has all the tools to be a great defender, size, skating ability etc. Some players are often tasked with doing too much and it causes them to be less effective. Myers has always been seen as a big offensive dman who can play both ways, but this has hurt his defensive play. Allowing him to simply focus on his own end, and let OEL manage the offence could help him. we shall see
  7. must remember - interwebs = sociopathic troll paradise 

  8. I guess opening that can of worms and allowing that then risks the opposite and throwing games.
  9. actually you’re misinterpreting Chatfield is a RD Juolevi is a LD So suggesting Green choosing JC over OJ is a bit ridiculous since they play different positions. As such, your interpretation is invalid. also JV played 18 games Juolevi played 23 and that’s after having to miss most of the post covid games. As i said earlier, it’s common knowledge now, OJ was out post covid because he was the worst hit on the team and lost a lot of weight and his fitness. Facts matter bro
  10. With our new D coach we will likely see that. Baumer is awful. Btw the reason Green sat him post covid was he was the worst hit on the team. Apparently he lost a lot of weight and it hit him really hard. it has nothing to do with his play or green being typical green
  11. Exactly right. You let Rathbone develop in Abby, let OJ show his worth and if we have a problem of too much talent on the left side you deal from strength. you then trade him for a young RD who may be more physical and make a hockey trade. Not sure why the OP wants to sell low and try to get a second for a kid who showed well last year until he got the worst hit on the team from covid.
  12. Don't know enough about Poolman to say he should be higher than Myers but I like your line up and hope he is better. If so, it will mean we have a very strong team on the backend.
  13. Ya green has some great winger optionality this year based on who's going. Now he has some guys on the third line that can legitimately be bumped up on injuries or to go with the hot hands. A third line of Pearson Dickenson Podz could be quite a challenging group to play against. All very defensively responsible, all have some good hands, and if Podz shows he has the ability to lead that group offensively you have "almost" a 2b line. Should be a fun season!
  14. Sure, but his wife clearly has an axe to grind and probably legitimate because her emails sound like he's a real douche....but it can be just that, an accusation to screw up his life more than he already has on his own, and for payback for his lack of responsibility for his kids. Ie "you're not paying for your kids but paying for your partying, well I am going to make your life miserable by taking away your paychecks." And again, if you look at his stats, they are pretty darn good. If you're going to tank it, you probably aren't scoring almost a ppg, getting into alot of fights, and hitting as much as him, you coast all around. Again, doesn't pass the sniff test to me when you look at his numbers, and the fact his wife, clearly has an axe to grind (and likley for legitimate reasons). Regardless of the truth, which will be hard to prove anyways, he sounds like an immature douche and who's got alot of problems. As a side note, I remember seeing him at a game in vancouver when he was with the Jets, and this was when so many wanted him on the Canucks. It was the third period, 1:20 to go, timeout by Winnipeg, they were down 1 goal. He skates the bench the coach is drawing up a play, and we were behind the Jets so I could see him really well. He looks up in the crowd, clearly makes eye contact with one of his buddies, grins, and knods, like what's up boys, we're going to the roxy. That moment told me everything I needed to know about him. Your team is in a playoff race, down 1 and you're looking in the crowd for where the party's at. Dude is low character and so much keeps coming out to show it. That being said, this is an allegation and we should wait to see what the proof is first before vilifying someone.
  15. Ya the reffing in the NHL is so atrocious I have wondered for a while if there are some that have been threatened / paid off. It would make alot of sense. As you said its happened in basketball, FIFA soccer etc. Where there is money to be made and lost you can expect it. And I am sure Bettman who thinks his refs are remarkable wouldn't even consider the thought.
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