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  1. I was interested as well, but with COVID, I have no idea what they’re doing with the buffet. I would inquire since that’s a key selling point. During a normal season, you can definitely sell them at a premium because of exclusivity, all-inclusive food, etc. I don’t know how it would be if there’s low demand/less money for entertainment spending.
  2. I’m fully expecting them to have us pick them up at one of the preseason games.
  3. Instead of any emails about this season, they sent an email to get me to buy a single game suite (I don't know if anyone else got it). It's kind of offensive to be told how I'm a "a valued Season Ticket Member" while asking for another $2,000.
  4. As per the email with their COVID policy, the preseason tickets are being sent at the end of this week, with regular season tickets being released later pending an announcement on capacity limits.
  5. From the season ticket FAQ: IF I’M NOT COMFORTABLE RETURNING YET, CAN I DEFER THE RIGHTS TO MY MEMBERSHIP (SEATS) TO THE 2022.23 SEASON We are optimistic we will be in Step 4 of our provincial re-start plan with an increase in indoor spectators to start of the 2021.22 season. With that in mind, we are not currently deferring memberships to the following season.
  6. Well, we got an email. 50% capacity, proof of vaccination, mandatory masks, and tickets for pre-season will be available by the end of the week. Tickets to Training Camp and Canucks v Flames preseason at Abbotsford Centre also go on sale on Monday.
  7. Yeah, but you’d sell 3/4ths of the games, and just go to the 1/4th you want to see. Advantages to this is that it can be cheaper since you recoup your principal by selling your tickets, along with per ticket cost being 20% cheaper. You also get a better selection for the games you want to go see since quarter season packages are prepicked, not mix and match.
  8. The Rogers Arena website now has an FAQ on the vaccine requirements. Saying you will require "full COVID-19 vaccination" but then also saying you only need to be partially vaccinated until October 24th seems contradictory, but whatever lol.
  9. I really hope they come up with some way for Season Ticket Holders to connect some type of preapproval with the tickets so I can just scan my ticket.
  10. If I had to pick, I’d rather them remove a mask mandate then go to full capacity. Of course, both would be nice, but if I’m picking the restrictions that I’d choose to keep with full vaccination, it would be capacity limits over mandatory masking
  11. My only remaining question is if the Canucks will require full vaccination for the preseason, or will they follow the provincal requirement timetable and only require partial vaccination.
  12. The Canucks also made Season Ticket info public after having a fake waitlist today. From what I can gleam, they don't seem to be publicly offering the food and drink credit anymore. They also released the "special nights:" OPENING NIGHT TUE. OCT. 26 VS. MIN DIWALI FRI. NOV. 5 VS. NSH LUNAR NEW YEAR TUE. JAN. 25 VS. EDM PRIDE NIGHT SAT. MAR. 19 VS. CGY COMMUNITY HEROES NIGHT SAT. APR. 9 VS. SJS FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT FRI. APR. 29 VS. LAK
  13. Reading the new info out on the vaccine card, and one of the slides reads: Looks like we might have capacity limits for the preseason, with a full stadium by home opening. I also got my first communication from the Canucks today offering me the opportunity to buy my seat to the Imagine Dragons concert next March, but they only gave me 22 hours to decide to buy them, so I'll probably have to pass. Guess I'm going to have to set aside some cash to take advantage of these offers with how little time I get to decide.
  14. Section 108. It was actually pretty fast, I put in the $100 deposit on Saturday, selected what package I wanted on Sunday (full, half), and on Monday I had a call to get my seats, answer any questions, and pay the 10%. The person I spoke with said that there were lots of open seats available, so I had lots of options to choose from.
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