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  1. I’m just Excited we don’t have to talk about Lou Erickson ever again. ! These are two legit players as stated there are more moves to come looking forward to see how this all comes together for opening night. !
  2. ........In this episode of 30 for 30. Where are they now. David Rittich
  3. The only positive to having him out makes Green play some different combinations and our use of him on the PP was way too predictable. Hopefully the boosted ice time for other players who needed to get going on offfence has helped. Getting him back is no doubt a positive and maybe fired up some other cylinders to get the whole engine going.
  4. What’s the word on Petey ? Will we see him again this season ?? whats his injury ?? I couldn’t find anything other than upper-body??
  5. He was rocked. I would be worried to put him back in the net. Hands and voice shaking. Hard not to feel for the guy.
  6. Poor Rittich. He looked like demoralized child in that presser like someone please take him for an ice cream..... in other news. Canucks are doing it!! Great win. I enjoyed the last two games because some players that have been off this year really showed up last two nights. Nice to see Pearson and Sutter on the offence! Holtby has been what we signed in the off season. One can Hope!
  7. Holtby ! Man we needed you to find some game, this season his confidence has been lost, so that was Great to see, maybe this reset has helped him find some mojo. Hopefully that type of game gives the whole team some confidence in the upcoming battles regardless of who's back there. Horvat comes up clutch. A statement game for him showcasing why he's wearing the C. Proud of the Canucks tonight not for the win but for the level of compete and give a Sh!t they all showcased, even a notch higher than last season's playoffs considering who they were missing from the roster tonight and playing the number one team in the division...... oh yeah and not to mention the Covid!! Bravo Canucks ! love it !
  8. This is going to be a tough game for the Canucks. Demko is going to need to be sharp. Road trip hangover coming.
  9. Miller is this teams Identity right now. Nothing against Horvat. But Miller is leading this team.
  10. Demko.... then some more Demko when we are worried he's tired. Holtby should bring him some Gatorade and fan him with a big Banana leaf feed him some grapes and then we go with .... you guess it. Demko for the rest of the season.
  11. Demko ! We need to sign this guy. If Myers played this way all the time in the corner boards he would live up to his 6 million nice he added a goal. Nice team hard checking win, holding hard against the top two forwards in the game. let's keep the momentum going.
  12. Miller shot is deadly he needs to keep shooting no passing just shooting !! All game long. I would almost change it up and start feeding him over EP40 for a bit on the PP.
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