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  1. Hol' up, this site still exists?
  2. Who’s gonna have the last ever CDC post
  3. To those I won’t talk to again, it’s been a pleasure
  4. Well. Thank you guys for everything
  5. I deleted my account (Stamkos) a while back, and stayed on as a lurker for years. I finally decided in December 2021 that I was ready to rejoin under a different name. After my first post saying “guess who’s back,” a mod permabanned me because he thought I was just a dumbass who was already banned. Ended up created a new gmail, a new account, and dmed dlc to get me back in. If I couldn’t have an account, I still wanted to be able to use the site for VC updates at the very least She fixed it, and I got to play mafia again
  6. Absolute hell of a game BJ, thank you for hosting. For me at least, it’s fitting that it’s the end when my first was your Neapolitan game.
  7. I figured, you still scared me for a sec tho BJ end the game so we can see the DPS laughing at us
  8. Lemme guess, you can kill everyone and have the game result in a tie?
  9. Didn’t even have to read the first 80 or so pages Tbh I’m getting a little bit of imposter syndrome, doesn’t feel like I should win such an important game :/
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