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  1. Sad thing if I had him townread but I'm so disengaged from this game that I haven't done much.
  2. @Blue Jay 22 I'm willing to follow you today to at least make my vote useful.
  3. Unvote J23 @luckylager I don't know where to go then.
  4. Wait is this town lean or mafia lean? I don't know the phrasing used on this site.
  5. Vote: J23 @luckylager Make it easier on you by tagging you in my votes.
  6. It isn't really much but it's a nice start and it's nice to lower numbers that I want to vote out and get better chances at hitting mafa. Plus I'm good at collecting correct townreads so I lean on that more than scumreads and shield my towns.
  7. No one is on whenever I'm on. Doesn't help that I check this literally at 4AM my time.
  8. Like specifically stuff like quoting Falcon's reads and saying "Too early for this stuff" and not doing really much read wise. Vibes might be fine but the other stuff kinda pings me.
  9. Vote: Naslund Something's weird with his "not doing anything" thing he's got going on.
  10. Town: BlueJay Hashtag Nucks Falcon I gotta get used to the thread layout because it's tough remembering who's who.
  11. I forgot about this game the day after I signed up for it since I rushed signing up and everything and stumbled upon it looking through my internet tabs on my phone. So here I am in the game. Townreading Blue Jay from my skimming I'll try to gain more thoughts after I wake up and get a chance to read more thoroughly.
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