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  1. Do we really need him though? Guy is retired and washed. Had a few too many nights at the Roxy too
  2. The damage is done. The site is so dead already
  3. You know when your great grandpa is just in diapers, can't speak a language, breaths like a truck trying to start, doesn't know who you are, can't hear ect... This is CDC. Just pull the plug and let it see the other side.
  4. Do y'all need help taking down this site. Come on nerds. Get it together
  5. Win or lose the website that some nerds made many moons ago. It made friends of all different fruits, stars, provinces, sport fans, and drunks. Now I'm no genius, but I just want to say everyone who reads this. I wish you the very best, and I hope you live a fulfilled life. Go tp go! It's been a real pressure. PS The ocean isn't far from the surfers. As we close this chapter may we all recognize the greatness that was @fwybwed. Hall of Famer. Take care, Warm fuzzy regards, Sausage out
  6. So when is this forum actually dead or is this the longest hospice visit of a website in history
  7. I will pass. I'm honored but I will take a mafia break now. Thank you for thinking of me
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