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  1. well are you going to do or say something about it or not
  2. okay i have read pages 1, 10, and 11 someone tell me who is maf, I will sheep vote, baaaah
  3. honest to god this is how I look trying to explain to people what I do in my free time
  4. hey guys I need tips on how to talk to women and I thought this would be the perfect place to ask
  5. sd has no reason to be alive every day so far lol bj, poor reason to use to vote me yesterday, cuz unless you think sd is town then my vote is what matters going into a lylo, feel free to speculate on bussing later if sd does flip wolf and the game gets to continue
  6. for good measure just in case cuz i'm working during eod tomorrow
  7. like, illunga hasn't had particularly insightful posts, when he is town I feel like he does have good insight, he is just sort of blending in. he and tl have given me less pushback after I sussed them, I am willing to say illungas felt pretty natural / genuine at least, idk about tl's but it's noted
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