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  1. Unvoting not allowed apparently? Also yeah, the medic is a bit OP in this setup, that's meant to be countered by the fact that anyone can bluff anyone into believing they have it.
  2. I was operating on far too little sleep on the day when I burst in with "OH MY GOSH PORSCHA IS MEDIC RUBY IS SCUM" and it was plausible based on a misinterpretation of things. Normally i am actually pretty good at scumhunting.
  3. Because the medic is voting for BJ, and we don't want it to tie again.
  4. Actually wait, I think you might be confirmed town. Because the wolf kill has to be assigned, and you didn't visit anyone last night. [this is of course assuming that the wolf kill can't be assigned to the role-blocker]
  5. And of course as soon as you get back, the game dies
  6. out of curiosity, how do we know SS is tp? has something changed since yesterday?
  7. okay gosh dang it now I'm paranoid about Ruby again. why are you not dead?? why would they go for Porscha??
  8. ...me being the tracker was the foundation of my bad plays? Like, it was the entire reason why I mistakenly went after Ruby. I honestly think you're the most likely scum left, but eh, we'll see.
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