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  1. people who think dull, boring portraits of renaissance aristocrats are better than even a mid-tier picasso need to walk around with some identifying marker stitched on their clothes
  2. they don't OWN starbucks, do they? i think they just make these:
  3. you can't put a price on good publicity, can you? the royals weren't paid, and oprah claims they didn't know what she was going to ask... but do we really care? oprah's production company made $7-10 million from the interview. oprah is literally their neighbour. she went to their wedding. need we say more about the angle of the interview? meanwhile, harry and meghan's stock has never been higher -- which is good for them, because their budding media empire signed a reported $140m worth of contracts in the last few months. what better way to kick off a media empire than with the mog
  4. very simply put: -ethereum operates on gas (fees). -in order to make a transaction of eth from one person to the next, you need to pay gas to incentivize the network to verify the transaction. -the incentive is a small denomination of eth -currently the ethereum network is so jammed with activity that gas prices have gone way too high because people want their transactions verified quickly and therefore pay high incentives to get the verification -this is not sustainable, especially when it comes to small transactions which have smaller fees and therefore get pushed
  5. not into NFTs. find the entire thing so confusing with a future so uncertain that i'm more inclined to think it's just like the real art world -- which is to say, probably just a bunch of money laundering going on
  6. this is obviously true - but I think what makes this story so fascinating for people is that it has become -- as Politico put it -- a Rorschach test for political and social ideologies. in traditional low culture fashion, the roleplay is being performed on a stage using populist language and triggering words. but there actually isn't a clear picture at all. the cognitive dissonance required for some of these posts boggles the mind - you willfully have to ignore one detail to focus on the other, then create a story out of it this is pure media schizophrenia
  7. nevermind, just answered my own questions via google
  8. ok i honestly know everything but being aware of something is neither 'hyper awareness' nor is it even necessarily being 'really engaged' it's not difficult to image it's easy if you try https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/30/arts/virus-celebrities.html https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20200724-how-the-world-turned-on-celebrities i could go on
  9. no idea why you're giving so much emotional credence these cartoonish people. i obviously disagree, and i'll go so far as to say you cannot isolate the individual from the royal family, it's a transcendent position. this isn't about falling in love with a janitor or a lawyer and dealing with the associated circumstances. it's about putting on a $10,000 gown one day, then going on a humanitarian mission to Botswana the next. the absurdity lies in the fact that she signed up to be a representative of the very thing that helped create the class divides she symbolically pretends to br
  10. Coming soon to a theatre near you... Sean Penn and Meghan Markle are... THE UNITED NATIONS! As for the personal question, I attribute my hatred to a lack of sex in my formative years and indoctrination from Moz He was right about everything back then, wasn't he?
  11. Yes, I have heard of Diana. The question should be did Meghan hear about Diana before she signed to join the Royal Reich? I don't think there's anything wrong with assigning "celebrity" to a specific class of human beings. Classes exist, and we (mis)treat each other based on those classes all day long. At what point do we stop caring about Meghan's PR machine and instead chop her up and feed her to the poor?
  12. I sincerely thought COVID-19 would bring the death of celebrity culture as a whole -- the Imagine singalong fiasco, for example, surely highlighted the tremendous gulf that exists between these class structures in a comical yet painful way, NO? Instead, celebrity worship has managed to reverse the public sensibility and utilize victim culture for self preservation. Meghan has now duped the public into thinking she's a victim of the Royal family. Are we 'AVIN A LAFF? She literally married into a family with a gene pool with less depth than her acting career and she's talking about racism? Did
  13. bitcoin is the strongest computer network on the planet today, and therefore obviously the strongest that's ever been - and there's a massive price on its back. if it could be hacked, it would be hacked. that isn't to say that because it hasn't happened it won't happen, but even at super computer levels of cracking bitcoin's level of cryptography would take tens of thousands of years quantum computing, some think, could be a threat - but most agree it isn't. even if legacy cryptography became obsolete through quantum computer, bitcoin would be the last of our worries because the en
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