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  1. 30 pages… Surely someone has brought up the notion that should Bergevin not match that he might be willing to offer sheet Pettersson, yes?
  2. Highmore will be the cost effective replacement when Motte prices himself out of Vancouver with his consistently high quality play. It’s actually really prudent planning by management. Yeah, and we certainly cannot make that type of decision with our window just opening unless Podkolzin comes in and lights it up the entire year. If that were to happen, and that’s a big if afaic, then perhaps management could pursue a trade if the returns looked near horizon ready which could extend our Cup window from 3-5 years to 5-8 years.
  3. It’s almost as if management knew that when this new drafted core was ready for “go-time” that they would reallocate the dollars to the commensurate salary cap structure that resembles such a decision. Go figure!
  4. Love the term and the dollars are more than fine for the heavy lifting he’ll be responsible for. However, I’m giving it half a season before the “Sutter has zero assists!” morphs into “Dickinson can’t score a goal!” C’est la vie en CanucksLand…
  5. All I can think of is Botchford overemphasizing “bois”. ”Brise-boooiiiiiissss!” RIP.
  6. I thought Tanev was offered a contract but it was far short on term (2years vs 4years)? Regardless, that could be construed as a slap in the face in many respects.
  7. The Tanev departure was a huge mistake. There’s no question at this point even if he’s known to miss a quarter of the season every year. Virtanen over Toffoli was also a huge mistake and the $1.45m saved by retaining Tanev at $4.5m over adding Schmidt at $5.95m plus Virtanen’s $2.55m should’ve gone to Toffoli for a 4-year/$4m AAV deal that he would’ve taken based on team chemistry alone. Markstrom though? Nah, the right call was made there. We committed to Demko after the Vegas otherworldly performance but we chose the wrong insurance policy in Holtby (possibly in part because o
  8. I empathize with those who see these comments and go, “Great… another entitled teenager demanding immediate success without putting in any time.” i also understand those that say, “Great… we’re already seeing the next captain material essential core players voicing concerns about throwing away years of their prime on top of the current captain and top-six powerforward voicing concerns about throwing away years of their prime.” I have a lot of time for this and anyone completely denying that there’s anything to all this smoke is either completely oblivious or purposely burying their
  9. My bad. I didn’t realize both bridge deals were set to expire in UFA age. Replace those two with Heiskanen and Makar then. The RFA - UFA legally non comparable point remains. Thank you for correcting my mistaken understanding of where Nurse & Jones were at.
  10. RFAs cannot use UFA salaries in salary arbitration because UFA salaries are acknowledged industry-wide to be inflated by demand alone which is why the CBA prohibits UFA comparable salaries in arbitration hearings; therefore, Myers’ salary has no direct bearing on Hughes’ contract negotiations at all. Werenski, Nurse, Jones, etc? Now those RFA salaries have a direct impact on JP Barry’s & Pat Brisson’s negotiation leverage.
  11. It’s certainly something I think ought to be considered and the answer may ultimately lay within how well Podkolzin’s offensive game translates to this level. Getting a high end prospect and another first round pick would go a long way towards keeping the pipeline of replacement players open thereby extending our window of opportunity for this core. The problem is, what do you do if Podkolzin has a disappointing year that sees him score only 5g 15-20a? Now you’re potentially slamming your window closed if you still choose to trade JT, and Podkolzin keeps putting up 4th liner offensive numbe
  12. I blame Arnie and his unabashed promotion of the Hummer.
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