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  1. I'd assume it's Quenneville and Bayreuther that he's talking about as both were UFA's. If they had agreed to deals with Landeskog or any others, those players would've been considered their selections from their respective teams. Maybe I'm wrong but I think this is part of the expansion draft rules.
  2. I agree. This is about as close a comparison as a person can find. I've been a massive fan of Weber since he entered the league and never did like Pronger very much. That said, it would be a coin toss between the two. IMO, I think these two are the best all around 200' dmen in the last 40 or so years.
  3. I'm hoping he can be the right handed compliment for Hughes. Like a Keith-Seabrook top pairing.....
  4. I wouldn't be against resigning Sutter but ideally I'd like to see him traded (EDM seems like a perfect fit) and for us to sign Scott Laughton for that 3C role.
  5. I've read this a few places now. I haven't seen him play myself but reading reports like this makes sound more and more like Gudbranson.
  6. Anyone think we will see the Canucks drop down far enough in the standings to see a top 3 or 4 pick? This Covid shutdown got me thinking yesterday that, even when the team is back playing, they're going to be really bad.... With a few of the players reportedly having fairly major symptoms, they won't be anywhere close to 100% for a while. It makes me think that it will be a very ugly 19 games to finish out the season. Potentially bad enough to get into the top 4 as I could definitely see LA, NJ, CGY and even OTT (4 head to head games left) surpassing the Canucks.
  7. This reminds me a lot of the Ballard situation. Both were easily top 4 dmen before AV's system and then both guys became healthy scratches for AV. Ghost obviously needs some sheltered minutes as he's simply not great in his own end, but paired up with a top shutdown guy, I think he could really excel again. As a coach having the luxury of a player as talented as Ghost, you'd think AV would modify his coaching strategy a little to make it work.
  8. I actually think they're almost a wash at this point. I really don't see Tryamkin being nearly as good in the NHL as he is over in Russia. If he had stayed in Vancouver and developed his game in the NHL it would've been a different story but I feel that chance is gone. As for the forwards, I do like your suggestion of Lowry. I'd love to see both him and Scott Laughton added. I'm not sure if Philly will let him go but they do need to resign Hart, Sanheim and Patrick this year along with Giroux, Couturier, Farabee and Hagg next year. Laughton would be an excellent fit at either 3C or
  9. Exactly. Just look at Pietrangelo's reaction on Saturday night when he saw MacKinnon flying towards him.
  10. I agree. Kinda hoping to be able to trade Malkin and Krug for a younger elite forward. If I'm out of the running by the trade deadline, I might be able to get Kucherov for them...
  11. As for the pool format, it's just season total points with payouts to 1st through 4th. No playoffs. (G=1, A=1, PIM=.2, SOG=.1) My team is currently 17 points out 2nd (12 out of 4th) and that's with Malkins struggles. I think there's still hope for me for now.
  12. Ya. I passed on it. It was more for the draft picks and then to try and flip Karlsson (which i doubt id be able to do). We can only keep 7 and I need to choose 7 guys from this list: Aho Svechnikov Malkin Scheifele Vrana Farabee Carlson Chabot McAvoy Krug
  13. I know the Sharks overall aren't close to what they used to be but I was wondering what everyone thought of Erik Karlsson in particular. I'm in a fairly competitive keeper league and was offered Karlsson, Schmidt and a 3rd and 5th round picks next year for Krug and McAvoy. The part I'm having trouble with is trying to figure out whether or not Karlsson can turn things around. I've read a few places that he was finally 100% healthy for the first time since joining San Jose so I obviously expected him to be better than he has been. What is your opinion on Karlsson? For some reason
  14. I see a lot of talk about an offersheet for Cermak but what about Ryan Pollock? A 26 year old RHD that can put up some points (was on pace for 42 this year) while being a good, reliable and physical 2-way dman. Being one year away from UFA, send him a one year offersheet at 4.25 mil. This gives the Isles a 2nd round pick in return if they don't match. At the same time, if they do match, they can't trade him or renegotiate a new contract for year which takes him right to UFA status making it unlikely that they would match.
  15. I believe he was traded from PIT to TOR in the Kapanen deal, no?
  16. I know I can probably look it up but I feel I'll get much simpler answers here, lol. Is it possible for a team to retain a percentage of a players cap hit only? Or does the retention apply to both the cap hit AND the actual salary? I feel like Arizona could and would be willing to retain 1-1.5 million in cap hit alone if Vancouver was willing to cover the total actual salary costs. By doing that, and getting OEL at a 6.75 cap hit, it would be a win-win for both sides. ARI gets some salary cap eaten up while savings a lot of money in the long run.
  17. This guy is reminding me more and more of Jannik Hansen. Absolutely relentless checker and perfect for the 3rd line & PK roles.
  18. I'm the same way. It's so frustrating because he obviously has the talent to be a very good top 6 forward but I think he's just too dumb to realize how talented he really is........
  19. I really hope the Preds win this series with it likely being Hamhuis' last season. Would love to see him get one more shot at the playoffs before he retires.
  20. I think Woo has the potential to be a very good top 4 d-man and I would go so far as to say he could be an excellent compliment on the top pair with Hughes long term. Very much like Seabrook used to be in Chicago alongside Keith. A tough, 2-way guy that will be able to add to the offense but also keep guys in line if they go after Hughes.
  21. I really want and think Hughes should win as well and I had also heard several times that Hughes played against tougher opposition than Makar most of the time. Doing a little more research though, I was surprised (according to puckiq.com) that the two are actually as close as they are. puckiq actually has Makar slightly higher in this area at 34.1% toi vs "elite" competition whereas Hughes is at 32.6%. I think this will give Makar the slight nod over Hughes unfortunately.
  22. Or maybe just some virtual beers.... like everyone else is (supposed to be) doing.
  23. You're right. He's told me the same before actually. Kovalev was still the most frustrating to watch simply because he could've been a top 3 or 4 player in the league at the time based on talent alone but he would coast around more than anyone I've ever seen.
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