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  1. 5-1 Canucks Hoglander with the GWG. *(Big THANKS for the effort goalie13)
  2. Mark that date in March people! Oh and Hughes > Zadina, so he’s just bitter. And today a ‘midget’ made him see butterflies, just added more salt to the wound.
  3. 5-2 Canucks Chiasson gets the winner. *ThanK you for your effort goalie13!
  4. 5-3 Flyers (home-opener advantage) Couturier with the GWG. *Don’t forget to hit that ‘Thank you’ button on the main page for goalie13!
  5. Well that was DK at the time, and we definitely don’t need to stoop to those levels.
  6. As always, the Oilers broadcast team is never biased when calling the game during a National broadcast. Well done!
  7. 4-3 Oilers. McD with the GWG. EP40 opens the scoring for us this season. *awesome tweaks to the predict the score contest, thank you goalie13!
  8. From all of us here, thank you goalie13! Amazing effort, never skipped a beat and can’t wait to hear from you next season! THANK YOU & STAY SAFE!!
  9. 6-3 Canucks Horvat with the GWG Canucks Edler with the last goal! *(Thank you goalie13, amazing effort throughout the season!!!)
  10. 3-2 Canucks Hoglander with the GWG Under *(Amazing effort by goalie13 to keep us entertained!)
  11. Canucks take this one 4-3. Horvat with the GWG. Flames open the scoring. *(As always, we appreciate the effort for this goalie13!!)
  12. You have 2 predictions in there Deb. I’d go with the latter, The Eagle needs to net his 100th!
  13. Canucks win 6-2 Hoglander with the GWG. No goal for McDoodle. *(Big UPs for goalie13 for sure though!!)
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