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  1. Its possible your "good" experience may have clouded your judgement. While players may have asked for meds, the dosage is most likely judged by the doctors. And it's quite possible sestito may have just trusted the team doctors. Just because you were allowed backstage to see the behind the scenes, doesn't mean that's how it usually goes. That could've been for your sake.
  2. I wonder what minor contract detail is holding things up.
  3. They both play for decent or good teams. Not the Canucks.
  4. A question on the ed, for the Canucks, who's exempt and who needs protection? Edit - Just doing some googling, it doesn't seem like we are at high risk of losing someone big.
  5. I'm actually happy picking 9th. Going for 1st is unnecessary. Obviously i want the 1st, i mean, everyone does but not at the cost.
  6. What are the chances TB trades cernak?
  7. Since we are making these kinds of trade proposals....i'm gonna jump right in. To Van - Eichel J, Melody Martin To Buffalo - Virtanen, Roussel, Loui, 1st 2021, (Jasek, Palmu, Teves, Sautner, Plasek(Out of the kindness of my heart)), Embarrassing photos Why does Buffalo do this..... I had to think hard on this one. What scraps to give to Kevin Adams.
  8. I don't know what to say about the defence or the decision making with the puck
  9. These two games didn't give me alot of confidence. It seem like they backed off the last 2 periods.\ Could it be the travel? saving it for Montreal?
  10. They just didn't maintain that level in the second and third. Like Jesus, get serious.
  11. sloppy defence, falling all over the ice, can't make plays. I don't know what is going on.
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