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  1. If it actually happens, I'm guessing it'll be Saturday, doubt they make the trip to Calgary.
  2. Yes, which is ironic considering the contract he signed for
  3. For these two players sure, they're making plenty off of the other players they represent. in these situations, the agents always come out ahead, they risk the least in these stand offs.
  4. If we're talking about the game in it's current state with speed and skill being so prevelant, how do you not take Bure?
  5. I agree that for the players it's all about winning a cup that's their ultimate goal, but it is by no means the measure of a quality of a player. I can name plenty of hall of fame players that have never won a cup, equally I can name a LOT of non-hall of fame players who have won a cup. The Stanley cup is arguably the most difficult championship to win in major sports, probably because of how much of a complete team you need in order to win it, so to use it to measure an individual's skill or talent is a pretty weak measure. Looking at the other trophies like the Conn Smythe, Ted Lindsay, Rocket Richard, Hart, Art ross, those are a much better measure of great individual talent and success.
  6. I find it interesting that you're combining the evaluation with the Pearson signing. Personally I don't see those two as related at all. Pearson was re-signed to give Horvat some stability, and I really think he's a good fit there with him and when Petey is back healthy and Hoglander (hopefully) continuing his trajectory, and Podkolzin coming this year, I think Pearson will be a solid fit there. To me, the Tofoli miss is made worse only by JB's bet on Virtanen. He dragged his feet on Tofoli because he was trying to deal with Jake, and that's the biggest gaff imo. His unwillingness to walk away from Virtanen is what led to the Toffoli situation imo.
  7. Oh man, if we can get both Petey and Hughes for a combined 13M of cap i'd be overjoyed lol. Sadly I think it's going to be more costly than that. Sadly in flat cap world it seems just putting up with the final year of his contract is the most sensible thing to do from a cap management perspective.
  8. Yea, and that's why I believe both the media and the consumer shares equal responsibility in this. The media will continue to exploit anything that garners them $$$, and the readers will consume whatever supports their echo chamber. And for the past...what? 20+ years? The biggest money generator for media has been negativity and contraversy, and the team's lack of ultimate success during that time has just continued to feed it. **sigh** I wonder how different things would've been in this area had we won in 2011 ya know?
  9. the irony right? complain (extremely publicly) about how much they hate this and that and how everything is horrible here! Then someone east reports on fan negativity in Vancouver and then the fan base proceeds to get extremely defensive and offended lol
  10. I share this opinion. Quinville would be a great coach, too bad he's not available anytime soon. I'm still holding out hope Trotz will end up here in a couple years hahaha.
  11. I think it's a smokescreen created by lack of reporting. Just because it doesn't gain traction in popular sports media doesn't mean that discussions didn't happen That's just my opinion on that. Also, I think it's sports media bias too, the only thing Canuck land is good for right now from a click bait perspective is contraversy and negative sentiment. Plenty of stories there everyone under the sun will happily report on.
  12. Ah deb I enjoy reading all your posts. I think there's an aspect of accountability here that should be considered too and it's the context of confirmation bias. You're absolutely right, hit at the source for their personal spin on things and their desire to create click bait and gain followers. But readers are also accountable too, it's like they read something or hear some rumor and they quickly google something along the lines of what they want or expect to see, so they're fed back a bunch of tweets, articles, videos, etc... that simply fit what they wanted to find. When it comes to the consumption of any media these days, a lot of people are simply content to stay firmly in their echo chamber. The saddest part of all this is that the ability to have civil conversations about contradicting opinions is all but gone from the public space. Obviously i'm heading in to a much larger conversation but still applicable here haha. It's just easy to hate on JB and Green right now, tomorrow it'll be easy to add someone else to that list. I'm still waiting for someone to actually make some suggestions as to who they'd replace either of those two guys with. Is it true that ANY GM out there would be better than JB? Realy? I hear Pierre Mcguire is available and he has "experience" as a GM, maybe we should fire JB and get him right? lol
  13. Completely agree. But in 2 years when Trotz is back on the market, I hope the Canucks take a good long look at him potentially coming in.
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