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  1. Kassian so far has been ok... but I dunno, it feels like he could be doing more. It's good that he is will to play after the whistles and he surprising gets into good positions (had a handful of breakaways already)... but I want to see thundering hits. Maybe it's not his style, since I don't know much about him, but having a hard hitter is what the Canucks are missing. Edler and Alberts can make big hits, but in terms of forechecking, Hansen, Lapierre, Burrows doesn't really hit that hard. I'm hoping that Zack Kassian can make some hits like Bertuzzi on Jackman or what Torres did during the playoffs.
  2. http://www.mmafighting.com/2011/10/14/report-vancouver-likely-not-on-ufcs-calendar-in-2012 The UFC wants to stay... the city is just being difficult.
  3. http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/confirmed+Calgary+2012+Canadian+stops+announced+Vancouver/6337552/story.html I guess no UFC in Vancouver for the next little while. Probably due to some bureaucratic BS from the mayor and company. Good job, it's not like Vancouver isn't boring enough as is....
  4. Hopefully he and Hodgson can be our Kane and Toews.
  5. Yep. Being big and strong in junior =/= mean your strong in the pros. Hopefully he can refine his game in the ECHL. I do have to agree with the above poster, there was no real reason why MG had to sign him to an NHL contract. He could have easily just asked the Wolves or the Wings to send him a contract, so he'll still remain indirectly a part of the Canucks organization. Guys like Burrows and Rypien only had minor-pro contracts before making to the NHL.
  6. FeStealth

    Adam Polasek | D

    Or he could just hang around the team to experience the pro game, the atmosphere, etc... much like Sauve did last year.
  7. Worst case scenario.... Chernobyl style. What seems more likely.... 3-mile island situation.
  8. I tried to comfort my gf (from Japan) that it's "fortunate" it happened in Japan, the most well-prepared nation in the world for a natural disaster, and not in Vancouver, where half the city would be destroyed already.
  9. Remembering the veterans should be done year-round, just there happens to be 1 official day where it's solemnly "celebrated". You can wear it everyday if you wish, I've seem some veterans that has done it (I can't confirm it's "every day", but when you see it being worn in June, I'm guess it would be so). There's nothing rude about wearing it whenever you want.
  10. Ok, I guess I should be more descriptive.... Partying as in, "Three cheers for Grandpappy Joe, his friends, and all others who served! Cheers! Now a round of beer for everyone in the Legion Hall!" That's fine, since it's celebrating the veterans, soldiers and all. But not, "Day off? Happy Remembrance Day Everyone! Lets party on!" I consider that a "slap in the face" to those who served. I'm not saying, "Oh hey, I'm right, you're wrong", just from my perspective, that's how I feel. As for being respectful, I believe that veterans should get a special status, eg. free parking year round, no tax, and other special benefits. But that's just me.
  11. +1 No partying, clubbing or any other disrespectful activities for me that on that day. Just a quiet day/night of reflection, walking around, watching documentaries and reading up some history, and being thankful for all who sacrificed their lives (and are still sacrificing) for us and our future generations.
  12. To think that the "Great War" started almost 100 years ago. All the WW1 veterans has passed away, and soon, all the WW2 ones will too. The Greatest Generation. Someday, I would like to visit Vimy, the beaches of Normandy and other war sites to pay my respect to those who fell there. I get shivers just watching the documentaries and seeing the pictures. Can't imagine what I'll be like when I do go there in person.
  13. It almost looked like the pass from Jeff Brown to Pavel Bure.
  14. Exactly! Only rain during winter = sucks that there's no snow, rains too much, global warming, etc. Snowing during winter = stupid snow can't drive now, too cold, global warming messing the weather Raining during spring = too much rain, where's the sun? Sunny during spring = where's the rain? I miss the rain Cooler summers = where's summer? where's the sun? I want to go Mexico where's it's warm Hot summers = too hot! I miss the rain. Stupid global warming. Can't wait to go to Mexico! I'd swear, people would probably only be happy it's like 18 degrees, partially cloudy with a chance of rain.... year-round.
  15. Vancouver isn't really a hockey town, more of a Canucks town. A true hockey mad city will be filling all the Giants + BCHL games (maybe even college/university level too) but we all know that isn't the case.
  16. ^ Well... I just think that maybe Patrick White is trying harder and smarter now that he's been traded. If you're a 1st rounder and you've been traded away without even playing a pro-game, that gotta make you re-think about yourself and your hockey career. Considering that SJS always seems to find good prospects, it just means that White now have an extra incentive to prove doubters wrong. Back to Schroeder.... is he always a "slow starter" or it just happens to be this season?
  17. I'm not too worried about him supposedly being shorter than what most fans hoped. There's a difference between someone being 5'8 and being only 170lbs at their prime vs 5'8 and bordering 195-200lbs. Weight is more important than height. Once he starts putting on the muscle, it just means it'll be hard to check him off the puck.
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