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  1. Kassian so far has been ok... but I dunno, it feels like he could be doing more.

    It's good that he is will to play after the whistles and he surprising gets into good positions (had a handful of breakaways already)... but I want to see thundering hits. Maybe it's not his style, since I don't know much about him, but having a hard hitter is what the Canucks are missing.

    Edler and Alberts can make big hits, but in terms of forechecking, Hansen, Lapierre, Burrows doesn't really hit that hard. I'm hoping that Zack Kassian can make some hits like Bertuzzi on Jackman or what Torres did during the playoffs.

  2. If only it could be like golf where the player can choose not to receive any benefits to retain their amateur status.

    Oh well... hopefully McNally is rich and can afford all the playoff tickets for the Canucks, lol.

  3. I think everyone was expecting a Hodgson-esque post draft season, which is why they are disappointed. But people just need to see that he got the same # of points as last year in 4 fewer games, so there IS some progress there, and he was playing injured for a while leading up to and after the WJC. as long as there is continued improvement it's a successful season, and he doesn't need to be rushed, so he can spend another ohl season and an ahl season or 2 rounding into form before we call upon his services.

    I'm under the impression that Jensen fits the mold of a Marian Hossa, except a little bit bigger. Very good offensively but under-rated defensively.

    Since stats doesn't describe the entire player, how has Jensen progressed in terms of his defensive zone coverage and checking?

  4. he's allowed to the summer prospects camp if he pays his own way, like you said. but seeing as this would have been his 3rd or 4th camp and he'd have to travel so far it was no surprise he didn't go.

    That's it. It's the young stars game that college players can't attend.

    Remember when Hodgson didn't show up to his 3rd prospects camp and everyone was bashing him, calling him a primadonna... even though he was training with Gary Roberts? lol, those were the days...

  5. I wonder if he'll sign with us or wait us out like Billy Sweatt did Toronto and play the field? He wasn't at prospects camp last summer, whatever that means.

    Because he's a college player, anything Canucks related will have to be paid out of his own pocket and he can only attend certain events (I'm not sure if Prospects camp is allowed anyways).

  6. No. We DO know.

    Jensen was drafted out of the CHL. As such, he's legally not allowed to join the AHL, unless he's 20, or will be turning 20 by the end of the calendar year. Jensen doesn't turn 20 until March of 2013.

    Hodgson totally dominated the OHL the year after being drafted. But still, it was either make the Canucks, or go back to Brampton - he wasn't allowed to be assigned to the Moose for another year.

    Bartschi born in Oct 1992, so the Flames will have the option to assign him to the AHL next season.

    There's 1 exception to that rule... sort of....

    If his junior team has been eliminated from the post-season and the Chicago Wolves are in their playoffs, he can sign a PTO and potentially play some games, like Hodgson and Schroeder, or like Sauve and Connauton (who were in the pressbox).

  7. Sounds like Jensen got thrown to the wolves (literally). I'm sure Jensen got a great experience out of carrying a team on his back. Good thing it is a short tournament, and he can get back to playing with better teammates. where he can develop his game properly.

    30 mins a game for a forward is unreal in this age of modern hockey.

    It's a good thing he isn't a top defenseman prospect, or he would have been on the ice for at least 45 minutes, lol :lol:

  8. This kid was not ready for a full pro season against men.

    Steven Anthony is doing well there--hopefully Archibald will get to play with him and develop some chemistry/confidence and start playing some good hockey again.

    Yep. Being big and strong in junior =/= mean your strong in the pros.

    Hopefully he can refine his game in the ECHL.

    I do have to agree with the above poster, there was no real reason why MG had to sign him to an NHL contract. He could have easily just asked the Wolves or the Wings to send him a contract, so he'll still remain indirectly a part of the Canucks organization. Guys like Burrows and Rypien only had minor-pro contracts before making to the NHL.

  9. He was one of the standouts in the last pre-season, so I wouldn't count him out playing himself onto the team in the next year or two. However, your projection is probably more reasonable. Not too sure where he would fit into the lineup in the few years either though.

    He will have to have one hell of a pre-season/camp to make the Canucks next year or the one after. Sweatt, Rodin, Schroeder, Archibald, plus others are still ahead of him in the depth chart.

    Plus the cap-hit will work against Jensen too. It's like roughly 300k cheaper to use a guy like Rodin (who can always be sent back to the AHL).

    But hopefully he does well and the Canucks let him stay in the NHL. It's just always so frustrating when you have some recent draft pick excel in pre-season, only for the team to send him back due to salary reason or "for more experience".... then have those players get injured back in junior (Bourdon and Hodgson).

  10. Such amazing stats.... what are the following reasons for them?

    1. High-scoring league anyways

    2. The competition level was just that weak

    3. He's just that good of a player

    4. Combination of the above?

  11. I tried to comfort my gf (from Japan) that it's "fortunate" it happened in Japan, the most well-prepared nation in the world for a natural disaster, and not in Vancouver, where half the city would be destroyed already. ;)

  12. that's all that their schedule has on it, so i think his season is over.

    Anyway he can sign an amateur contract to play for the Salmon Kings for the post-seasons or anything?

  13. Remembering the veterans should be done year-round, just there happens to be 1 official day where it's solemnly "celebrated".

    You can wear it everyday if you wish, I've seem some veterans that has done it (I can't confirm it's "every day", but when you see it being worn in June, I'm guess it would be so).

    There's nothing rude about wearing it whenever you want.

  14. Partying is disrespectful? Walking around is respectful?

    I would think it's more disrespectful to pretend to care 1 day of the year instead of acting on that year round.

    Ok, I guess I should be more descriptive....

    Partying as in, "Three cheers for Grandpappy Joe, his friends, and all others who served! Cheers! Now a round of beer for everyone in the Legion Hall!" That's fine, since it's celebrating the veterans, soldiers and all.

    But not, "Day off? Happy Remembrance Day Everyone! Lets party on!"

    I consider that a "slap in the face" to those who served.

    I'm not saying, "Oh hey, I'm right, you're wrong", just from my perspective, that's how I feel.

    As for being respectful, I believe that veterans should get a special status, eg. free parking year round, no tax, and other special benefits. But that's just me.

  15. each year , on remembrance day , I for one spend my whole day on the verge of shedding a tear or two , and as a grown man I'm proud to say this as I am so appreciative of what Canadians troops have done for me , you , and our great country... Putting their lives on the line to preserve our rights and freedoms, Such a proud feeling , to say I am Canadian!

    Cheers to all who sacrificed and paid the ultimate price for this great nation!


    No partying, clubbing or any other disrespectful activities for me that on that day. Just a quiet day/night of reflection, walking around, watching documentaries and reading up some history, and being thankful for all who sacrificed their lives (and are still sacrificing) for us and our future generations.

  16. To think that the "Great War" started almost 100 years ago. All the WW1 veterans has passed away, and soon, all the WW2 ones will too. The Greatest Generation.

    Someday, I would like to visit Vimy, the beaches of Normandy and other war sites to pay my respect to those who fell there.

    I get shivers just watching the documentaries and seeing the pictures. Can't imagine what I'll be like when I do go there in person.