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  1. The best time to get their autographs is on a non-game day. They practice at Rogers Arena for the most part on non game days last year. I'm not sure if they still do or practice at Scotia Barn. Try going on to Canucks PR twitter to see if they're practicing or not. The players are more likely to stop on a non-game day since there are less people. If that doesn't work for you, try going on gameday before or after practice at Rogers Arena. The players drive in with their cars and you can wait by where they drive in around Gate 9. I wouldn't try after the game since there's a lot of people waiting for autographs but you can give it a shot if you would like. Hope that helps.
  2. @Harvey Specter My friend just got a limited edition stick signed by Boeser only. Do you know what the value is worth? Thanks.
  3. Hi. A couple of my friends went to a suite for the Canucks game and they got a free Boeser limited edition hockey stick. What's the difference between limited edition hockey stick and a normal stick that the players use and what's the value of the Boeser limited edition hockey stick?
  4. Hypothetically if the Habs and Kings meet in the finals, who would get home ice advantage since they're tied in points and wins?
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