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  1. On Friday I had to sign a document stating that if I had to self-isolate that my options are use all my sick time (5days/yr) + vacation time, OR unpaid leave and maybe EI. I want to talk to my boss about changing my schedule/ duties to maximize my social distancing, don't know how well it's going to go down though. They should really be closing everything non-essential now, not when there's 100s of cases in each province. The risk is the asymptomatic people spreading it around. There is so much more that could and should be done now.
  2. the Gin-Jello was when I was 19. I don't do that anymore. I can drink Bushmills Black Bush on the rocks but JW red label just seemed too much alcohol smell for me to even atempt to drink it without some kind of mix.
  3. hahaha I know Gin is an acquired taste; in university a friend and I made Gin-Jello, we used Gin for the cold water part of the recipe and none of the guys would go near it. lol. It was bombay saphire. For Scotch I don't think it would go well with Jello so I'll leave it, at least until my tastes mature, which could be a very long time.
  4. ha. That's ok, I just checked back today. I think I will give it a shot next time I buy rye. I'm not a huge whiskey connoisseur but I do like Forty Creek for a basic rye (I do prefer it with rootbeer) and Bushmills Black Bush for Irish whiskey. I'm not sure about scotch- I've had JW red label didn't like it.
  5. This is the stuff made with 100% rye right? does it taste like rye bread/how is it different from wisers?
  6. lol huskies!!! UofS also!!! That flames series in 04 so many memories both from the games and from allll the flames fans at school. Hanks OT gaol was amazing! I yelled so loud! Good read:)
  7. Yeah, they won the playoffs last season. They're one of the better teams. I saw them play the Boston Bruins the other week, it was an NHL exhibition game :) It was fun.

    The league here isn't the best but it's okay :)

  8. I know who the Belfast Giants are because I have lots of family over there and last time we went to visit we took one of those bus tour things, the guy talked about how they were so good. Also around that time the Giants announced that they had signed Theo Fleury. I don't really follow them but they play in the best the league in the UK right? So then I would at least get to see some hockey:P

  9. I knew you were a city fan and I can live with that (anyone but united, bleeeah).

    But you know who the Belfast Giants are? I always end up seeing them play whenever I go to hockey games here, wouldn't call myself a die hard fan or anything but I do like them.

  10. i would have paid attention to your posts long ago had i know you're a female. so, wanna hook up?

  11. Whenever I hear the word power I always think of the way Jeremy says it. :P The fiesta was awesome, I also like the Renault in Belfast with the hockey players. I like when they talk about the expensive cars because then when I hear guys talking about them I have an idea what they look like and if they are a bit disappointing or not.

    I heard the waiting list for the tapings is sooo long.

  12. That's awesome. I heard that you can goto the live tapings for free? The stuff they do with affordable cars are pretty awesome. like the time they took the ford fiesta through the mall... priceless.

    But im a guy. so i m more interested when Jeremy says POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR haha

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