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  1. You can tell Brie is getting help from D-Bry. Missile dropkicks off the second turnbuckle!
  2. Pretty much this. I was so excited for the Wyatts debut but then WWE had nothing for them. Maybe if you watched them in NXT, you'd be excited for this feud too. Nice to see them actually getting real feuds. This match is sort of about that. They've done nothing for so long and needed important feuds, so now they get top stars and it's interesting (for me at least). Plus Harper is cool. "Yeah, yeah, yeah"
  3. How else are you gonna be able to take those guys seriously if they just keep feuding with each other? Everyone just gave up on the Wyatts, but can you blame them? Pretty hard to make an interesting feud out of randomly attacking Truth and Kofi and Miz and crap like that.
  4. Paul London just had a really entertaining match with someone. But he botched the ending
  5. Soooo did he get released because of his fat gut?
  6. Haha, I remember your old thread. This guy seems like someone I could not get along with.
  7. I did watch one of Tess tweaking lol. I'm about 98% sure he returned in Toronto, which is where he's from. If the TO crowd popped for Santino, they sure as hell popped for Ziggler.
  8. I don't watch those videos. I unsubscribed from them cause they post too many videos lol
  9. WWE made an offer to AJ Styles? In regards to this former champ coming to TNA,
  10. The amount of talent is amazing. It's a real shame how many skilled players are going to miss out.
  11. To be fair, that was Santino's return to his hometown lol. I wouldn't say any of those guys get 100x bigger reactions than Ziggler. Maybe Christian I guess but he's old.
  12. There is no chance in hell those people get bigger crowd pops than Ziggler.
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