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  1. Don't watch Skins. X_X

    1. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      I'M COOK!!!!!!!!!!

    2. marleau_12


      That scene was dope. I'm on season six finale right now. This third group is garrrrbage.

  2. Lots of action tonight for Luu. Everyone will be hopping back on his D

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      And yet you start it by saying everyone will be making judgements based on a preseason game. Still doesn't warrant Lemons acting like an idiot and failing to make an intelligent rebuttal.

    3. marleau_12


      I tell it how it is, bra.

    4. Drouin


      Alright, whether you like it or not, he's our goalie.

      Support the TEAM as a whole.

  3. Anyone got an NHL fantasy league I can join?

  4. Haven't got my NHL yet. Cmon Best Buy.

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    2. marleau_12


      I got the Easton player pack code in the email which is really helpful lolz

    3. JE14


      ordered about three games from futureshop in the past and they all arrived on the day of release. came home from classes and no NHL 14 :(

    4. marleau_12


      I see now that it's coming tomorrow. I am disappoint.

  5. Anyone else having trouble posting on Chrome? Can't click quote, post, sign in.

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    2. DollarAndADream


      My Chrome is perfectly fine.

    3. LeanBeef


      use internet explorer

    4. marleau_12


      I am currently using IE, but that blows too. Can't press space in the reply box.

  6. So thirsty for GTA, NHL, and FIFA.

  7. Got a 27 inch monitor. Too sweeeeeeet.

    1. Keslerific


      congrats Scott

    2. Xbox


      Nice. I got a 32" and my xbox is set up on it as well.

    3. marleau_12


      Thanks, Big Sexy. And nice, Lups. It's like a whole 'nother world.

  8. Watching Brokeback Mountain.

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    2. Smashian Kassian
    3. marleau_12


      I do love kinky.

      Anywho, that movie turned out to be pretty sad.

    4. Aladeen


      Thanks for ruining the ending. I though for sure their love would be accepted in the their tolerant and progressive cowboy society.

  9. I was watching The Notebook but my internet was sucking the big one. Does it get better after the first twenty or so? Lol

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    2. marleau_12


      Haha. You most definitely look like a lady.

    3. marleau_12


      LOL you must be very good.

    4. marleau_12


      Well, god bless the little kitty. Anywho, I am on CDC far later than I'd like to be.

  10. your signature is cool :)

  11. are you in for the playoffs?

  12. congrats to your 7000th post ;)

  13. hey, you´ve won last nights PG Round. ;)

  14. happy belated birhday

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