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  1. I'll take Schmitt for a third. Annnnnnd he's done a good trade
  2. Curious to see what we do with Baertschi, will he get one last chance with the big boys? A show me season so to speak.
  3. I wonder what happens with Baertschi this season, I wonder if he even plays, because he may agree to terminate his contract if he doesn't play
  4. Peace out Marky, no hard feelings you need to get paid and you deserve it. I wish you nothing but a terrible Goals Against and a below. 850% save percentage. Thank you for services
  5. I would love for Demko or Holtby to have a Vezina like season. And if Rafferty and X(insert right side dman) can hold the fort next year we might be ok. It may be a trade, or a signing or not holding my breath but who ever it is better be ready to be a major scapegoat this year. I could also see Jim swinging for the fences and landing Pietrangelo. And we'd probably have enough LTIR to fit him on the team
  6. I think Jimbo is looking for found money so to speak. He needs Rafferty and/or one of Rathbone or Juolevi to turn out to be a stand out this season. And he still needs to acquire another forward and RHD to stay competitive. At one point this looked like a destination, let's hope Petey and co. can still make this an attractive place next season. And for the record I have to say I am relatively neutral on JB. I don't think he's great, but I don't think he is terrible. I think for him to be great in my eyes he has to somehow build a winning season next year. If we make the playoffs next season and or are at least better than one of if not both the Oilers and Flames then I'll truly believe he is great.
  7. Looks like Tryamkin got an assist today. He's been playing pretty good from my understanding
  8. I was more surprised that he didn't get few more first place votes. He was pretty noticeable playing in the all-star game. I'm not saying Makar was the wrong choice for Calder, I just expected more votes for Hughes. That being said, I hope he uses this as motivation to dominate the league next year.
  9. I think people are mad because his linemates are getting more ice time
  10. Add a podkolzin, hoglander and a tryamkin next year, and hope Rafferty turns out and this team will be dynamite
  11. I present my offering of my plumpest juciest cherry tomato to Thatcher Demko. My he continue his playoff success!