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  1. I've decided not to pass judgement on Highmore until I see him play. That being said I think people are upset because they see the potential in Gaudette, he was a 5th round pick, a Hoby Baker winner, and was dominant in his last year of college. It hasn't translated into top tier NHL performance but the potential is there.
  2. Should Jim go claim Mete? Maybe reunite him with Juolevi, spark both of them.
  3. Now to get to the playoffs that's another story.
  4. Playoff Petey, and playoff Podz are forces to be reckoned with
  5. He seems to earn every point he gets, there's a reason he plays when the net is empty, I'm very excited for him to come to North America.
  6. Happy birthday Bo, get healthy, and stay safe. Your life/family is much more important than hockey!
  7. Ouch, this is terrible! I hope they all fully recover, and get healthy. Their health and safety is far more important than hockey. This is pretty rough how fast its spreading right now! I miss canucks hockey, and I hope we get a couple games in before the season ends, but I'm not holding my breath. Stay safe everyone!
  8. If you made the bet you would have been wrong, Ralph Kruger won... Er lost, Er... I dunno
  9. Also that's his Toronto minor hockey team jersey, it has nothing to do with him being a habs fan
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