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  1. Seattle booing the man who got them a team, you have nothing to boo Bettman for yet.
  2. I'm hoping for a more spirited affair tonight, I'm not ready to fire anyone just yet, but I think everyone should be put on notice if they play terrible and lose again tonight and Saturday.
  3. Other than the highlighted I agree, I actually think other than the Buffalo game the defense 5 on 5 has been pretty good. I think the PK and Powerplay have been the downfall of this team. OEL and Poolman have been really good but the pk makes everyone look terrible.
  4. Don't forget benching him after he scored, because they can't make room for a rookie on the oh so mighty powerplay
  5. 5-2 Blackhawks Kirby Dach GWG Canucks more shots than Blackhawks
  6. The biggest issue I have especially when people say it's early and not to worry is that it's actually not early this is a 3 year continuation of the same thing. Evey one gets caught up in in the bubble, but we weren't going to make the playoffs that season without the stoppage. The team has been inconsistent ever since the bubble. Even the bubble strategy was to maybe capitalize on our goaltending and Powerplay. So for myself watching the exact same thing over and over with different players is why I do think something needs to change
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