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  1. Loved the effort tonight. Edmonton has some cheat mode players, and they held their own. Hamonic looked a step behind the rest of the team, but I think he'll catch up. Hoglander is a pro no doubt, Brock has his shot again, Petey and Hughes keep doing their thing and Edler looks to have some jump. I like JBs team, and I can't wait for Miller to come back! This season is a good chance for us!
  2. OJ and Boeser have been great so far. Hoglander looks like he belongs, and Holtby looks pretty good by my standards
  3. 6-5 oilers Draisaitl Thanks for doing this again @goalie13 You're the real star!
  4. Poor Willie D, this is what he had to work with, and he took the fall hard. Not saying that I want him over Green right now, but imagine this and the recent incarnations of the kings being his only NHL shot... YIKES!
  5. I don't know why but it's never a safe bet for Canada on Canadian soil in the juniors
  6. But in America you can buy anything with moneys. I agree it should be the most vulnerable first and health care workers, but something tells me we'll see athletes access to it faster than the average person.
  7. I thought he had an ok game. Made a couple decent plays but coughed up the puck as much as pouliot and looked a little lost in the defensive zonep and got hemmed in a few times. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because he has not been involved in a full practice, but he'll need some work this offseason