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  1. Wish I could have gone to this game. Had tickets, but stupid border situation...
  2. Imagine if the Habs had a faceoff winning centre like Horvat. Vegas would have half as many goals just from losing so mary more faceoffs.
  3. Fair enough. I didn't see the break until the replay, and after I posted....
  4. Fleury is good to blow a few games during a playoff run, but I don't think Lehner is the solution considering he sucked in his one start... They should have balanced the 2 of them more.
  5. Just goes to show what a difference goaltending, and specifically BAD goaltending does to a team in the playoffs.
  6. Is it me, or has Hogs been our most consistent player, game in and game out? And why are we talking about playoffs? The Canucks are being dominated by a bottom feeding Ottawa.... We're not making the playoffs, on matter HOW bad Montreal/Calgary does.
  7. Man Mike Smith was awful. Imagine Edmonton with a good consistent goalie...
  8. The reffing in this game has been a joke. McDavid gets a penalty for Perry snapping the head back, Draisaitl gets one for a legal hit, and Montreal has gotten away with murder...
  9. 4 chances to get the puck out... shocking it ends up in the back of the net.... Canucks' defensive zone play at it's finest...
  10. Our defensive strategy in our zone seems to head directly to the boards, and panic, then turn the puck over.... Brutal how many there's been in this game so far.
  11. Don't look now, but we're only 3 up on Ottawa, and they have 2 games in hand....
  12. In all seriousness, if fans had been allowed, I think you'd see a lot more empty seats. I hope the coronavirus isn't masking the fans' dissatisfaction with this team.
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