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  1. Raoul Duke

    NFL thread

    Ahhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeahhhh!!!!
  2. Honestly, I just don't post that much anymore. I browse here and there.
  3. Soooo MM is pretty good eh? Kinda tough to compare him to anyone since he’s pretty much dominated the division since conception. Huuuuge win for Ferguson though. That fight coulda gone either way IMO. But too call out Conor that way was pretty high school of him.
  4. You wanna see annoying? Watch Bisping during the 217 presser today. Attention whoring at its finest.
  5. Yep. Another snoozefest. Seven episodes into the season. Oh wait, it's "buildup". GTFO.
  6. Dana on "The Herd" this morning....We try and make exceptions and work around these alpha male and female personalities, but the one thing they aren't exempt from is promoting the fight. Everybody, Ali, Tyson, everybody has to promote their fight. Our relationship isn't damaged. Conor was making a lot of money for this fight. It's not like I'm asking him to come and do something the others aren't, it's not like it's 3 weeks before the fight, it's 3 months. He's actually a really reasonable guy, so him freaking out, this is weird. It's not a money issue. The hacks online make stuff up for clicks. This was never, ever about money. Conor is very happy with the money he makes. He's a stand up guy, he's never agreed a deal and then come back for more cash. He's not that type of person. I don't think he's retiring, and I think he'll fight for us within the next year. Conor needs to clear up the retirement decision fast, because that will make the Edgar-Aldo title match for the vacant title. Not stripping him yet. I'm not mad, not even a little. It's UFC 200, it's a massive event. Plenty of people want to be on this card. I'm not mad at all. Dunno when I'll talk to Conor again, we'll see how it plays out. I'm not mad at him, though. The show will roll on. If he called me after this interview, then yeah! He can be on UFC 200. He has to be here and shoot this commercial. We're spending $10m on promotion. You can't not do it. The phone call wasn't combative. I was talking to his manager, and they were asking to move the promotion all back to May. We can't do it, the money is in motion. The fans care about the fights, and thats all they should care about. But everyone knows this has happened only once before, and that was Nick Diaz, and we pulled him from that fight. We do give Conor a lot of leeway. He delivers, but he wasn't planning on doing so this weekend, so I had to pull him.
  7. Really? Years? They had the Unstoppable Press Conference today. Definitely worth the watch if anyone's interested. Conor's gonna smash Nate tomorrow.
  8. Raoul Duke

    NFL thread

    They won't. Congrats on top seed. What a joke.
  9. Raoul Duke

    NFL thread

    I don't recall a time I've been this embarassed by my team. How is a first half like that acceptable, even for a four-time Super Bowl champion coach? Absolutely disgusting. Do they want to play a road game in the playoffs??
  10. Raoul Duke

    NFL thread

    Yep, that sucks. Was nice to see Blount step up and a nice grab by Bolden for the TD as well. I have faith in our backups. They always seem to find a way.
  11. Raoul Duke

    NFL thread

    Andrew Luck is garbage.
  12. Seth Rollins is becoming a less entertaining champion each week. His friggin mic skills seem to be getting worse. Maybe it's just the garbage storyline, but my god does he suck as the top guy.
  13. Raoul Duke

    NFL thread

    And now that whole neck thingy....
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