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  1. Hate this Patrick Johnston. His last article was also utter trash
  2. There was more than that. It was the last off season where we now know how much TT, Tanev and Marky meant to the team. The team knew this and many fans as well. Just not JB. The season just started wrong. Covid was just a small part along with injuries and losing Petey. JB has had this team on a semi rebuild for too many years. Last season looked like things were finally going to get better but it all fell apart worse than before. JB should be fired.
  3. One steps forward last season and two steps back this year. The GM should be held accountable.
  4. Buyouts are easier for next season. I don’t think we are ready to throw away first rounders yet unless we land another Miller. As for the coach, I like Babcock. He is a winner and gets the most out of his guys. I’m sure he has learned to tone down a certain part of his style and we would benefit on different technical strategies. He is also going to be cheap.
  5. I think I read they will have the number 3 lottery position. They could move up or down depending on them corrupt folks spinning those balls
  6. Just out of curiosity, do we have anyone on this team that can stand up in a fight with Nurse? The guy is a bully out there and needs a good beat down RIP Rick Rypien, we miss you.
  7. Oh yes, so we are potentially a top 5 draft pick. The big shame of this is that it is a bit of a crap shoot considering the limited exposure these kids got. I wouldn’t be surprised if we won it for the first time and end up with nothing special.
  8. I came to this thread to make a comment about the title but I forgot all about it after reading the ongoing battle between old news and provost, lol!
  9. I’m sorry but I may be in the minority here but I want Babcock. He is a proven winner and is VERY experienced. I’m sure he has learned to check himself better since the fallout. The thing is that his philosophy was to coach everyone differently and experiment what works best to get the best out of them. I’m sure he will limit himself given another chance. He would be cheap and I’m sure he would do very well.
  10. I know of 2 VPD forensic ident members that went to the hospital to document his injuries that night and he had apparently checked himself out. He later returned. Someone put the bug in his head...
  11. Can’t stand Sekeres. He sounds so damn smug and that loud breathing just makes my skin crawl
  12. I’m sorry but your comment pisses me off. He is the bloody owner and he can do what he wants, when he wants and you have no right to question it. If you don’t like it then stop following the team. He paid a ton of money to solidify this franchise and wants to win. He has always paid to the cap ceiling and is excited about this team. He has also done a lot for the community. You are an ungrateful fan. There are plenty of other NHL/ pro sports teams that would kill to have an owner like ours. Shame on you.
  13. Jack Rathbone? He was fabulous last game. Not serious but wishful.
  14. Ridiculous. Absolutely no fairness and full of inconsistency. A corrupt unit filled with hypocrisy and nepotism. The NHL has no legitimacy around here.
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