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  1. I’m glad it’s happening. Players who want to max out on money like Toews, Kane & now Jones prove to kill the team overall. Leafs are another prime example of this. The irony is that these guys like to whine later about their losing, lol…
  2. Seth Jones is making this an easy poll. That’s a lot of money for a lot of years and he hasn’t done much in his first 6 games….
  3. If it weren’t for Benning’s trades this off season, this team wouldn’t have a single win so far. All the new comers are key players driving this team right now. Green’s coaching is a separate issue. I believe JB did a great job assembling this current roster.
  4. I believe Chaisson will be bounced out of the lineup for the next game. It looks like he and Pods are each other’s replacements. Chaisson was not very good tonight.
  5. I wonder if EP is injured. Probably a fitness issue that stemmed from not showing up at training camp and most of the pre-season. Happened to Hughes I think as well. Must have tweaked some leg muscles or something….
  6. The top line was kind of terrible tonight, thankfully Demko saved them
  7. Nope. Naslund for Sojanov. Also Linden for Bertuzzi/Luongo/Markstrom & Mcabe/Sedin.
  8. No one expects him to be Gretzky or McDavid. He was never compared to be to that level! That’s ridiculous. He is definitely a star in this league and our best player. He is not a “1B/2A”. He is a bonafide number one.
  9. Green is the type that coaches well during a rebuild but not when it comes to contending. That’s a different level of coaching. Boudreau and Babcock are those types.
  10. JB did an outstanding job in this off season. Green has to go. Last night was an indication of how much he has lost the room. Let us bring in Babcock. He might have been a bit of an a hole to some players but I’m sure he has refined himself now and regardless, some of these players need a bit of an a hole coach. There is no excuse to not give in your full effort while making millions of dollars. They were running at about a quarter effort last night. UNACCEPTABLE. Babcock needs to also bring in a new team of assistants. The team not only needs motivation but also new strategies.
  11. I have to jump on the fire Green bandwagon. He simply does not have a good strategy to win games and can’t seem to motivate them either. We can still have a season salvaged if they do this quick. Hire Babcock
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