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  1. I hope this guy gets some games as an occasional call up to the big club this year. Very curious how he will play. We’ve been holding on to him long enough. Be nice for him to get a chance.
  2. If we could convince Petey and Quinn that Dougie Hamilton was coming, they probably wouldn’t mind signing cheap bridge contracts. For the team, for upping their own stats to get more money later and for a potential Stanley Cup.
  3. You need to put a tag [prediction] If true I would be ok with all of it. Still gonna pray for Dougie Hamilton…
  4. Actually is what we need. JB going for it this year. We are breaking the draft bank to get here. Might as well go all the way and get the number one free agent.
  5. Wrong. He stays unless JB gets an offer he can’t refuse and he should have refused this one. Like I said I would only be ok with it if we got another legitimate top 4 D as a replacement…..otherwise all the moves this off season will be meaningless.
  6. Vegas was in tough & had no choice to dump him for cheap. We were not in the same position and should have got more or keep him.
  7. I loved all the moves JB has done this off season so far except for this. I don’t care how some of you look at Schmidt as being redundant in his style of play. He is worth more than a 3rd as a bona fide top 4 D man. I would have kept him. Only way I would be ok with this is if he went after another big fish like Dougie Hamilton.
  8. That’s debatable. There is smoke but don’t be so certain there is fire.
  9. Schmidt can remain as a Canuck. There is no urgency to move him. He is still a quality top 4 D
  10. Anyone think a team might claim him off waivers? It is possible….
  11. Goalie market seems to have crashed. Bad timing but needed to be done. 4.3M is too much for a back up.
  12. Seems like the better option instead of TT. Good job JB recovering on that!
  13. Not saying I’m a GM but is the forum to suggest proposals! Perhaps a 500K retention could sweeten Holtby’s value a bit. He is not a bad 3.8M back up who could potentially step in as a number 1 if needed. The guy won a Cup. Agreed on keeping Schmidt if we can’t upgrade.
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