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  1. Many sites rate OEL’s contract as a top 10 worst. I wanted him before but no longer
  2. There is a window of opportunity now for the Canucks to land the newly available Claude Julien. A coach who has a much more impressive resume and former Stanley Cup champion winning coach. The Habs made a mistake here and I believe Jim Benning needs to move quick on this or he will be scooped up by another team. Thank you Travis for all your efforts but this team can no longer function under your command. It’s time for a change.
  3. That’s the coach’s job re accountability. In my opinion, Green looks like he has lost the room. The team is not playing well together and I don’t know if it is a lack of coaching intelligence or ability to motivate these players. If your system is not working, you need to improvise, adapt and overcome. You can’t fire 10 players but you sure can replace a coach
  4. I don’t know. He must realize he is gonna get the axe. He might not care so much about the future
  5. Both you guys should square this away and go with Oldnews’ second proposal. Let’s move on guys. There is a lot of hate bs and wasted effort here. Keep things as positive and constructive when in disagreement.
  6. Would it be fair to assume we could get a 2nd for Pearson and same for Sutter? Pearson is a typical 20 goal scorer Sutter is a decent shut down Centre
  7. Oldnews being a bully again. Mods, it’s time to suspend this guy.
  8. No you’re being stupid with this. It’s obvious you’re a Green supporter and your trying your best, albeit pathetically, to have everyone else here agree that he be extended. This is not a poll
  9. Mods please lock this ridiculous “poll”
  10. This poll is dumb. Why have a poll when you can’t see the opposing side?
  11. The whole point of this thread was to raise awareness that the playoffs are not gonna happen and the discussion you speak of is irrelevant. You know you can easily respond in a better way when you have different opinions. You often have this sanctimonious and arrogant way about you. It rubs people the wrong way and you often get into these battles. It would be nice if you were a bit more respectful to others. Take it for what it is
  12. Truth. Hence the OP’s many attempts at explaining this. It’s unfortunate there are some folks who just don’t get it or refuse to get it out of some pig headed mind frame