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  1. Side Effects - the latest film from Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Haywire, The Informant!, The Girlfriend Experience, Oceans 11, 12 and 13, Traffic, The Limey, etc.). with Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones. A depressed woman goes through the usual pharma solutions and when they do not work she is put on an experimental drug called Ablixa by two psychiatrists. Her use of Ablixa has unanticipated side effects not only for her but for the doctors, and the story becomes a puzzle in which nothing is quite as it seems. Lots of twists and turns. The first half
  2. Apparently the ratings for Game of Thrones continue to climb with each episode - the last episode ironically was titled "The Climb". For the fourth week in a row, HBO’s Game of Thrones hit a series high in the ratings. Sunday night’s 9 p.m. telecast delivered 5.5 million viewers. Across two plays, viewership also hit a new gross nightly high with 6.8 million viewers, surpassing the third season’s debut evening for the first time (premiere night had two replays instead of the usual one). http://insidetv.ew.c...limb-continues/ We are half-way through Season 3. The Climb was an ex
  3. "Kissed by Fire" was another strong episode in what is shaping up as very strong season with one of the best one on one duels and with a flaming sword no less - said sword being kissed by fire. And maybe the best scene thus far in 3.5 seasons between Jaime and Brienne when we learn the back story of how he came to be called The Kingslayer and all was not as it seemed. The episode could easily have been musically themed by that classic 60's girl group The Dixie Cups - "Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married" with advertising spots by Hot Tubs 'R Us.
  4. I much preferred the 1951 original - The Thing from Another World. How can you go wrong with Marshall Matt Dillon as The Thing and Daniel Boone (Dewey Martin) as the crew chief??? And Howard Hawks carefully keeping the team film making going with many classic Hawks touches throughout. As this review points out pretty much every bloodthirsty alien picture that came afterwards in some way is indebted to the original http://www.bmonster.com/horror7.html
  5. Pickup on South Street (1953) - 9/10 Two thumbs up. Part of the Criterion Collection. http://www.criterion.com/films/446-pickup-on-south-street
  6. The episode was titled "And Now his Watch has Ended" - it should have been titled "Enter the Dragon(s)". It was easily the best episode thus far this season and IMHO ranks up there with some of the best in the series. Plus this was a very Varys centric episode with Varys the spy master and The Spider spinning his web - his back story and some insight into his motivations. I find Varys one of the more interesting characters and was happy to see him featured. The theme of the episode was revenge and betrayals - revenge is a dish best served cold (Varys) or served hot (with the Night
  7. The last episode "Walk of Punishment" was vast improvement over the prior episode. Mind you given the stultifying pace of the prior episode a video of paint drying may have been about as exciting. And the ending has a shocking twist that changes one character forever.
  8. The GOT episode last night "Dark Wings, Dark Words" has to rank as about a 9.0 on the DULL SCALE - one of the worst episodes thus far in the series IMHO. As one reviewer put it quite succinctly it was "a themeless pudding" of an episode that meanders all over the place. The sliver lining - it can only get better next week with "Walk of Punishment", eh?
  9. These week we had Ciarán Hinds (Julius Caesar in the series Rome) join the cast as Mance Rayder and next week...
  10. Let the Games begin... again. A good set-up episode for the season... lots of journeys and arrivals. The episode is titled “Valar Dohaeris” which means all men must serve and it is the traditional response to the greeting, "Valar Morghulis" -all men must die. Despite going head to head with the season finale of The Walking Dead the GOT season premiere was a ratings blockbuster. http://insidetv.ew.c...iere-ratings-3/
  11. And no guarantee that they will be able to land. 11:36 AM TwitterJim Jamieson @JamiesonCanucks RT @BradZiemer: Am told the #Canucks charter still planning 12:45 departure and will circle back if it can't land in Calgary.
  12. According to the Canucks twitter feed they are scheduled to depart at 12:45 pm. 12:45 flight. RT @BrieannKnorr: @VanCanucks has the team arrived in CGY yet? — Vancouver Canucks (@VanCanucks) March 3, 2013
  13. Canucks were supposed to fly out last night to play in Calgary but still here. 10:13 AM TwitterJim Jamieson @JamiesonCanucks RT @CBCLarsen: Bad weather in Calgary means the #Canucks couldn't fly out last night and have yet to leave Vancouver. Play at 5 pt.
  14. Two seasons on the Wet Coast... the rainy season and the wet season.
  15. HBO has a behind the scenes look at Season 3 - note may contain spoilers: And for those having problems keeping everything on the show straight see: http://viewers-guide...hrones/season2/ http://viewers-guide...guide/appendix/ As one blogger notes: Last summer it was revealed that the upcoming third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will only depict the first half of A Storm of Swords, the third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Fans of the books could readily see why: a lot happens in A Storm of Swords, even if you don’t count the shocking game-changer that appears about
  16. One of my favourite Woody Allen scenes from "Take the Money and Run" Or Woody Allen as sperm in Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex?
  17. After pounding the US Northeast and southern Ontario the massive snowstorm is hitting Atlantic Canada with up to 40 cm of snow coupled with winds of up to 100 kph moving in.. There are power outages and dozens of flight cancellations today in Atlantic Canada, which is in the path of a major snowstorm. It appears Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will get the worst, with up to 40 centimetres of snow expected. Forecasters say in some areas, the snow will be whipped by winds of up to 100 km/h, cutting visibility to almost zero. Severe whiteout conditions are reported for Nova Scotia's Cob
  18. It depends. Back in the day I recall a good dump of snow in Victoria back some 50 years ago in early April.
  19. Massive snowstorm hitting the US Northeast and southern Ontario and has claimed 4 lives here in Canada. http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/winter-storm-pounds-eastern-canada-claiming-4-lives-1
  20. As a general rule I find my ratings are usually pretty close to what Roger Ebert has to say (not all the time of course) and in this case he gives Seven Psychopaths 3.5 out of 4 stars. (8.75/10) http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20121010/REVIEWS/121019997/0/wikipedia
  21. Not only snow but also freezing rain in some areas and icy road conditions... YIKES!!! Accidents all over according to Global BC News and the road crews were not prepared for this. Per CKNW twiiter traffic report: RT @MEESHjCali: @news1130traffic 14 car pile up at 15th st. Nvan due to icy conditions. Avoid downhill street period!!!!!!! 8:22 #DELTABC Nordel Way is closed from 112th to the bottom of the hill because of icy conditions 8:13 #VANCOUVER Accident on 49th Ave eastbound just east of cambie in the right lane RT @IamKGB: @news1130traffic car accident on west 12 at Oak east
  22. I have no problem with violence - I do have problems with badly scripted movies. Gangster Squad is a B-picture with a A-List cast. Sean Penn chewed up the scenery as Mickey Cohen (fun to watch but not really the scary guy that Cohen was reputed to be) and Ryan Gosling was quite good. Josh Brolin? He can act so what the heck happened to him? And Emma Stone as Grace??? - well she is no Kim Basinger (LA Confidential) or Jennifer Connelly/Melanie Griffiths (Mulholland Falls) or Virginia Mayo in 1949's White Heat. However the dialogue and pacing, just not there. It looked good but wa
  23. And in the vein of memories of my (misspent) youth after the Bowie post... one word JIMI HENDRIX Well two words actually. Although he died September 18, 1970 the legend lives on. On March 5th, 2012... 12 previously unreleased Jimi Hendrix recordings from 1968 and 1969 studio sessions will be available as People, Hell and Angels. The legendary guitarist was experimenting with new sounds and musical directions for First Rays of the New Rising Sun, the planned double-album follow-up to Electric Ladyland, And a single from that coming album has been released. "Somewhe
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