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  1. And doesn't that line match up against the other team's top lines?
  2. Guess what, he actually has more than 6 minutes to play, lol yay
  3. And he is those players that plays better with more minutes
  4. I even wonder if you know that other factors usually come into play as to whether a team can offer 1.5m or 4.3m but of course you can't see.
  5. Not verbally but when he does hit and gets a penalty or plays aggressive, he gets benched, so I don't know
  6. Just say, Mac's mom and Virt's mom will tweet Green soon! Haha
  7. It's called coaching where you figure out which player has more jump and reward them. Blindly playing players just because thats how it is (like how Canucks fans just blindly blame certain players for everything), is not a right way to coach.
  8. How can he hit more when he hit at least 5 times in the 7 minutes he played
  9. So Edler purposely skated slowly? Come on. And Miller turned over the puck
  10. No point man, it's always Jake's fault. According to them, his 6 minutes of play cost us the whole game and trading him away will make us better, lol
  11. Then it seems we were watching different games or our focus was on different things. His back checking, his skating were all good, i didn't really see him floating. Maybe when you noticed him he was skating off for a line change and you thought he was floating
  12. It's really hard for a player to not play some games, play on all four lines if playing to tey to get going. He is those players that need to play more. To be honest, only the top two lines have played with each other more than a couple of games. They are so much more successful (besides the fact they are also very talented)