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  1. Anyone can type "innocent until proven guilty" but really meaning it, is a different thing. Based on your post, it clearly shows you have a biased stance already, and is merely typing that just to "sound" unbiased.
  2. 1. History of making poor decisions does not mean rape. 2. Protocol 3. When people bring pitchforks and flood your media accounts, wouldn't you close your accounts? 4. The legal and investigation process takes time, you dont just come out and deny and it will go away. 5. You are already making judgment against him.
  3. That's your issue. No one said it shouldn't be investigated, they just said not to assume it is true until enough evidence is out.
  4. But people still hope that he plays like a 6th overall pick. I'm sure most jake supporters, like me, are not hoping or still expecting him to play like a 6th overall pick. We just think he is a decent player for a bottom 9 role and should not be paid more than now. Although you say he turned over the puck or he didnt tie up the stick, all players esp Miller does the same thing. The only reason why you ain't hating on him is because he scores (albeit playing first line and top pp minutes). I already concluded that he is a decent bottom 9 player who, against the blind hatred hr receives, doesnt
  5. It's hard thou, as i have used that method before but haters gonna hate so i rather just continue this way. It is hard to show stubborn people the other way. Many other posters who are not blinded with hate have made many valid points in the many Jake threads but seems it doesnt work so meh
  6. Lol haters pulling stuff out of their behinds, go write a book, your imagination is great!
  7. While your blind jake hatred is boring
  8. Then as I mentioned to another poster, open your eyes and actually pay attention
  9. If you made this statement a few years ago, i would definitely agree but you seem to just like repeating what others are saying the paat few years instead of actually watching the games. Open your eyes!
  10. If only his teammates or linemates finished their chances.
  11. Yes to the general scenarios but considering TD is only RFA for two more years, it doesn't make sense for the sort of bridge you are asking for.
  12. I'm sorry, my bad, I misunderstood you. I thought you are more than a scoreboard and stat sheet watcher, I guess I was wrong. If based on scoreboard and stat sheet, yes, Jake is not worth the 2.5. But if you bothered to watch the actual games, even dating back to last year, you wouldn't be making these comments and he is worth the price tag.
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