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  1. What is the delay for these kids? Has this generation become so entitled they are willing to stop playing unless they get their extra million on top of the several 10s of millions they will make
  2. Plugs at tsn overdrive talking about how they aren't Toronto media in talking about Hughes and petterson
  3. In one of Natalie Millers posts, her friend implies there's only 2 years left of the travel. Take what you want of that but I doubt he stays past his contract
  4. Can't help but think this is the result of cap crunch from signing a whole bunch of plugs like roussel, Sutter, and of course Eriksson
  5. Getting to OT is a huge W for the Canucks given how they played today...
  6. BC now allowing the games to be played in vancouver is going to be a huge disadvantage for the canucks
  7. It's not just about the contributions on the ice but also the relationship to the city and franchise. The way he left town and handcuffed the team shows he isn't worthy of a place in the ring of honor.
  8. Not signing Anson Carter to an extension all those years back
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