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  1. Only way to save them is to blow the entire team up top to bottom and start over. Way too many holes.
  2. Your post says otherwise, no reason to complain or discredit him tonight 2 timely goals is a great appearance by our leader
  3. Not sure why you need to always discredit Bo. He was great this game, and far from needing to be s*** on
  4. Great finish and just booked my trips to see Seattle vs Van in December and LA vs Calgary in March
  5. Petey if you’re going to hold out you need to come in awesome not awful.
  6. They can talk to them and tell them to stop playing keep away, there are ways to address this without practice.
  7. So why are the coaches not addressing this glaring issue. And why are they absolved of all blame?
  8. PK. I would be more than happy to take Highmore out for Podkolzin though.
  9. It’s amusing that people absolve the coaching staff of everything. If it is not the strategy then why is the staff not adjusting for the personnel?
  10. But all blame will still be deflected from coaching, just as he defended Newell to no end.
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